Take Control of Financial Verification

Don’t risk more denials or write-offs for care that just isn’t covered by insurance. Eligibility+ streamlines pre-service financial clearance to remove all doubt about how your services will be reimbursed.

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Provide Healthcare Services with Financial Confidence

Too many times, healthcare providers are left holding the bag when it comes to reimbursement for services rendered. Practices pay the price with denials and write-offs that take from your bottom line and threaten your financial viability.

Manage your financial risk with the power of automation to determine the financial landscape for each patient and their care plan. Eligibility+ combines the 3 pre-service financial clearance tools you need to determine insurance benefits, discover unknown coverage and create accurate patient pay estimates.

Eligibility+ means more reimbursement and patient care with confidence.

Accelerate Reimbursement and Reduce Losses with
Payer Integration, AI & RPA

Eligibililty+ combines three AI-powered financial verification modules to give you all the benefits of payer integrations, artificial intelligence and robotic process automation during patient intake and insurance eligibility assessments. We offer API and HL7 based integrations with your EHR and billing system.

Eligibility+: 3 Powerful Tools for Financial Verification


Eliminate Eligibility Errors That Cost Your Practice And Your Patient

In a complex reimbursement environment, validating benefits, co-pays, and deductibles is more critical than ever to avoid denials and write-offs.

The Eligibility Verification and Benefits tool combines payer automation and patient access expertise to provide patient eligibility and benefits details.

  • Determine benefits accurately
  • Gain real-time access and approval
  • Reduce denials
  • Stop Medicare plan guessing

Ask for a demo today. Start increasing reimbursement and gain instant, accurate access to procedure coverage, co-pays, and co-insurance information.


Uncover And Validate Patient Insurance Coverage

With a rising self-pay population, it’s not uncommon to mark patients whose eligibility could not be determined as self-pay.

The Insurance Discovery tool uses machine learning, deep data mining and probabilistic analytics to identify undisclosed coverage for your patients.

Your practice gains higher reimbursement and reduces write-offs. Your patients avoid unnecessary bills.

  • Discover unrealized benefits
  • Mitigate risk of non-payment
  • Improve patient satisfaction

Book a demo now to learn how to discover unknown insurance for your patients.


Give Patients A Complete Financial Picture And Increase Patient Satisfaction

No one wants surprise medical bills and patients are more likely to pay when they know what their expenses are up front.

The Patient Pay Estimates tool helps you educate patients about their financial responsibility for care and treatment plans.

With a complete financial picture, you’ll see more payments, more cash flow and fewer collections.

  • Educate patients before delivering service
  • Establish payment plans as needed
  • Increase cash flow and decrease collections 
  • Improve patient satisfaction 

Eliminate sending patients to collections and avoid write-offs. Ask for your demo today.

Take Control of Pre-Service Financial Planning with AI-Powered Eligibility+

Learn how Eligibility+ empowers practices to increase cash flow and cut financial losses.

Speed Up Prior Authorizations Using Automation and Artificial Intelligence

Accelerate your approvals, collect more revenue, and improve the patient experience

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