Full Benefits Verification Coverage for Short Staffed Northwestern Dental Group

Short Staffed Dental Group Overwhelmed with Eligibility Checks During Covid

Our client is a growing 12 office group with 30 providers in the Pacific Northwest. They approached Infinx for support with benefits and eligibility verification as they were taking on a high number of new patients and finding this process costly in time and labor hours. At the time, businesses had just begun to reopen from COVID shutdowns.

The client experienced a significant staffing shortage, both in the dental and billing offices. Their primary concern was not having the staff available to do the benefits verification, and that the process of providing benefits checks and entering information into their PMS was very time consuming and expensive. We contracted with them to provide specialist support with their eligibility and benefits verification process.

Customized Electronic Integration with PMS For Easy Access

As the first step of the implementation process, our operations team went through the group’s existing benefits verification process to understand the nuances and steps unique to them. This included going through their benefits checklist to check which unique fields and treatments they wanted benefits investigated for in each of their practices.

Based on this, our team performed a customized electronic integration between our benefits verification specialists and the practice’s existing practice management software. This allowed us to export the list of patients and verifications needed through robot process automation, with phone calls used to fill in missing information when necessary. Our specialists were then able to research and verify the relevant payer benefits information nationwide. The completed verification information is then automatically filled back into the appropriate fields of their existing PMS, with benefits and verification information viewable with no additional work by staff.

We inputted and displayed the specific benefits that were important to their practice in the PMS in a way that was readily accessible to both the billing office and physicians so everyone could see and receive what they needed.

Successful Benefits Verification for 1.5 years

The group was happy with our results and we have continued working with them for over a year and a half now, doing 100% of their benefits. Each day the staff can login and see that patients have already been verified and their benefit information is updated properly. And it happens without them having to worry about it, through our done for you solution. The staff are thrilled to not have to spend long hours on the phone and feel Infinx is working on their behalf exactly the way they want it done.

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