Empower Your Revenue Cycle Teams With Data

Revenue loss doesn’t have to be normal. Turn your revenue cycle team into a money-making machine with our AI-powered platform, A/R Optimizer (AROS).

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Supercharge Revenue Recovery & Denials Management

Payors power their claims processing with algorithms and analysts that make reimbursements harder and harder. Denials go up, your A/R ages, deadlines are missed, cash flow stagnates and write-offs are way too high.

Fight back with your own AI and robotic process automation superpowers. AROS equips your revenue team with smart processing that accurately identifies which claims will be paid, prioritizes recovery and denial management focus, and frees your team from time-intensive repetitive activities.

Your revenue is more predictable and more recoverable than ever before.

Increase Cash Flow, Reduce Aging & Recover Faster with AI & RPA

AROS technology is built on years of healthcare IT experience and an extensive RCM database. It effectively guides revenue team activities that maximize recovery, reduce A/R aging, and ultimately cut your losses.

Turn your revenue outlook around with faster cash flow, fewer denials, and no more missed deadlines. Finally, predictable, profitable A/R and denial management.

Meet AROS, AI-Powered A/R Optimizer Solution

AROS suite of modules is the revenue recovery and denial management solution you need to enhance every aspect of A/R management from analysis, to work order priorities to recovery.


Infinx - RCM Revenue Recovery - Analyze Icon

Identify collection shortfalls
and denial hotspots


Infinx - RCM Revenue Recovery - Predict Icon

Predict how much you will
recover from billed claims


Infinx - RCM Revenue Recovery - Prioritize Icon

Prioritize claim work downs
for maximum recovery


Infinx - RCM Revenue Recovery - Realize Icon

RPA automatically conducts
eligibility, claim status checks
and supports appeals


Revenue Empowerment In One Easy Dashboard

Your team simply doesn’t have the time to interpret all the complex coding, demographic, deadlines and payment data points for successful revenue recovery – no matter how sophisticated your spreadsheets are. Machine learning and artificial intelligence is the solution you need for next generation A/R empowerment.

AROS A/R Health Monitor turns time consuming analysis into instant insight.

  • Understand Current Collection Rate vs Potential Collection Rate
  • Identify gaps and set target performance
  • Address denials faster  
  • View recovery performance by payer, practice and code  
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Plug Revenue Leakage And Find Revenue Opportunities

It’s impossible to keep up with which payer does what and why across your entire patient, provider, payer and A/R base. AROS Shortfall Detector tracks every data point so you can plug revenue leakage and focus on maximizing revenue.

  • Collected Amounts vs. Allowed Amounts
  • Shortfalls by Categorization Groups & CPT
  • Shortfalls by Practice, Payer, Doctor and Location
  • Denial Codes
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Know For Sure What’s Actually Recoverable

Unlike other A/R management systems that predict recoverability based on High Dollar or Nearing Timely strategies, AROS analyzes more data points than any other system to deliver Maximum Recovery predictions.

  • Unmatched recovery prediction accuracy
  • Accurately forecast collectable dollars and timelines
  • Higher net recovery  
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Turn Recovery Efforts Into An Efficient And Profitable Money Machine

Once you know for sure which claims are recoverable and for how much, your team can take decisive action. Finally, put a stop to wasted effort with little return and realize more reward. 

AROS Smart Prioritization guides your recovery team in every action needed and when. 

  • Increase effort to recovery ROI
  • Easily navigate denial complexities
  • Automate repetitive processes
  • Forecast workload and optimize staff hours
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Lean On RPA Bots To Accelerate Revenue Recovery

AROS leverages RPA Bots to automate necessary but time-consuming processes freeing up your team to focus complex claims.

  • Lower cost to collect
  • Reduce write-offs
  • Eliminate manual follow-up and appeals
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AROS Helps Improve KPIs

60% reduction of >120 days
aged AR in 6 month

14% increase in net
collection ratio

60% reduction in cost to

40% reduction in denial rates

64% decrease in denial and
aging AR write-offs

Our Clients Love To See The Data

“When we met Infinx, we were having a tough time identifying trends. We were not doing a great job of analyzing the denial codes. We were doing a lot of reworks and were not working as smart as we could, which is why we liked AR Optimizer’s prediction module. We also struggle with tackling claim volume because we were having staffing issues due to the pandemic, which we hope will be short lived.”

Revenue Cycle Manager
Orthopedic Group in Georgia

“We used to go in through a module based on individual reason calls and work our denials that way. When we met Infinx, we were looking for a platform that identifies denials with data and predicts which claims should be worked so that we can make that a priority so that the money will come in faster.”

Denials Management Specialist
East Coast-based Imaging Center Group


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