Revenue Cycle Automation

Save hours of clinician and staff time when executing repetitive patient access and revenue cycle activities with our unattended and attended automations powered by our proprietary automation technology.


Tackle Repetitive Tasks With Automation

With API automation and robotic process automation bots, we help providers quickly execute simple operations, data entry and process large amounts of data in multiple, disparate systems.

Operating 24/7 with the ability to work in multiple systems, our clients hand off repetitive, mundane tasks to our automation so that their clinicians and staff see increased verifications, approvals, clean claim rates, reduced denials, timely payments and have more time to focus on higher value work.


Automation As A Service

We support healthcare providers of all sizes and specialties from ambulatory practices, physician groups to large hospital systems by offering a flexible, cloud-based automation platform leveraged by our in-house technology and revenue experts to develop effective automations that make an impact to their bottom line.


EHR Automations

Eliminate manual, repetitive tasks where staff spends hours in transferring data across heterogenous systems.

  • Data entry to EHR
  • Data extraction from EHR to another system
  • Extract clinical documents from one EHR to another system


Payer Automations

Automations that check on eligibility, benefits and authorization status as well as determine whether a referral or authorization is required or not.

  • Referral order check
  • Eligibility verification initiation and updates
  • Benefits checks
  • Patient pay estimations
  • Authorization determination checks
  • Prior authorization case initiation and updates
  • Payer portal checks


Claims Automations

Reduce hours spent by staff on mundane tasks in the patient access workflow. RPA bots tackling various use cases custom built for your organization helps.

  • Claims submission
  • Billing tasks
  • Payment posting
  • Claim updates
  • Claims follow-up
  • Denials follow-up
  • Appeals follow-up


Credentialing Automations

Optimizing the mix of automation and human processing to automate the end-to-end verification of physician credentials.

  • Physician credentials verification
  • State license search
  • DEA & malpractice checks
  • Attestation in CAQH portal
  • Application status checks

Built By Revenue Cycle Experts

Effective automation integrations need to be designed with a thorough understanding of a provider’s workflow. Plus, healthcare data and interoperability are complex.

We use our extensive healthcare, clinical, compliance and revenue cycle domain expertise to create automations that reliably take care of repetitive and time consuming tasks for your clinicians, patient access and revenue cycle staff.

Flexible, Cloud-Based Environment

With our flexible technology platform, you won’t have to spend months on setup, configuration and maintenance.

Our automation platform operates in a secure cloud environment and does not require any new hardware or software investments by your organization.

Clients see a reduction in staff workload and costs in a matter of weeks and find it easy for their team to use without extensive training.

Data Stays Secure

Data security is a top priority for all our solutions. Here is what we consider:

Authentication & Authorization

Users are managed through an IAM too, Keycloak where they can only see and access data for the authorized tenant.

Data Security

System communicates with internet and services over HTTPS.

Encrypted Passwords

All the passwords in the configuration files are encrypted.

Encrypted Data Storage

Mongo DB and Amazon RDS are used with data encryption enabled at rest. Data is secure both in transit as well as at rest. All data stores and internal services are placed in private subnet within a VPC and internet facing services are served through load balancer.

S3 Protection

All the files and images generated by different automations, are persisted on S3 which is protected by the access and encryption enabled in S3. Only users with valid access can access and download generated information which makes data, secure at rest. SFTP exposed are backed by S3 and secures data.

Customize Automations For Your Unique Workflow

Custom robotic process automations can be developed based on your unique needs. We work closely with your revenue cycle and IT team to map it out and get it done.


Our Automation Build Process

Our revenue cycle and technology experts audit your system configuration and existing revenue cycle workflow to identify automation opportunities. Necessary credentials are obtained, and data needed for the automation is retrieved.

After configuration and extensive testing, we build and implement the automation, monitor for exceptions and errors, and make adjustments as needed. Your team is then educated on the changes and opportunities the automation delivers.

Leveraging advanced analytics, we maintain and adjust the automation on an ongoing basis to optimize performance and ensure continuity with any future EHR, payer portal or application changes. An intuitive dashboard lets you see improved results the automation delivers in real-time.


workflows, data transfer and configurations


build automation with API or robotic process automation


monitor automation for exceptions and errors

Go Live

train staff to work with automation


to ensure 24/7 operation of automation

Case studies

How We Help Our Clients

Learn how we work with our clients to implement automation to improve process efficiencies and reduce workload burdens on their staff.

Patient Access Automation Bots Enables ENT Group To Reduce Denials And Accept Walk-Ins

A multi-location Arizona ear-nose-and-throat (ENT) group’s inefficient eligibility and verification process prevented from seeing patients on time, and inaccurate determinations resulted in claim denials. We partnered with the clinic to implement our patient access solution to manage their eligibility verification and prior authorization workflow and developed robotic process automation bots to handle information flow to and from their EHR to our solution and payer portals. Read more to learn how this helped them see more patients, increasing patient and employee satisfaction, as well as timely reimbursements.

Growing Physical Therapy Group Resolves Eligibility And Prior Authorization Bottlenecks Using Automation

With a volume of 50,000 visits a week and at least half of those requiring authorizations, this rapidly growing network realized adding staff alone wasn’t going to be a financially sustainable solution for their patient access needs. Plus, their automated solution for benefits verifications would frequently leave cases incomplete when it couldn’t find the relevant benefits information. Learn how our automations were able to resolve these challenges for them.


Millions of Automations Run Annually

Our ten years of revenue cycle management experience has helped us refine our automations so that they yield positive ROI for our client providers.


saved per provider annually


data entry transactions automated daily

200 Hrs

saved per provider annually


Compatible With Most EMRs

We offer bi-directional integration with most EHR/EMR/LIS/RIS with RPA, API, HL7, FHIR, X12 or EMR developer programs so that your staff can continue two work in their local system alongside our cloud-based automation platform. Here are some of the systems we integrate or are compatible with.

Infinx - Partner - athenahealth


Helpful Resources For Your Team

We create educational materials frequently in the form of virtual office hours, articles, white papers, webinars and podcast episodes which help our clients and peers with common revenue cycle administrative burdens and challenges they face. If you would like us to address a specific topic, feel free to reach out to us.

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Looking To Save Time With Automation?

If you need help automating repetitive patient access and revenue cycle tasks, feel free to book a time to learn more.