Complete & Accurate Medical Coding

Increase clean claim submission rate and reduce coding-related denials with complex coding services enabled by the latest technology.


Certified Coding Team With Years Of Experience

Don’t let staffing challenges create a coding backlog or cause denial issues for your organization.

Our expert coders leverage our proprietary technology to accurately report patient encounters, classify each treatment and procedure and verify each medical code based on the patient’s clinical record, reducing the instances of denials based on coding errors.

Onshore & offshore skilled coders

We have a large team of certified professional coders and coding support staff based in the United States. Certified and skilled coders are also available 24/7 at our off-shore locations at a competitive cost. By offering both on-shore and off-shore capabilities, we provide the flexibility to decide what works for your organization.

Our coders are certified

Common certifications held by coding team include CPC by AAPC, CCS by AHIMA and CMC by PMI, as well as advanced coding certifications by AAPC and AHIMA and others.

Timely, accurate coding for complex claims

Ensure the right codes get identified from clinical documents at the right time. Reduce discharged, final not billed (DNFB) and discharge, final not coded (DNFC) cases for good.

Millions Of Transactions Processed Annually


coding transactions per month


coding transactions to date


coding denials


reported errors


Improve Technical Coding Accuracy

Leverage technical experts with specialty certifications showing proficiency on reporting patient encounters in a technical field which has unique coding, reimbursement and compliance requirements.

Some certifications include:

Cardiology (CCC)

Orthopedic surgery (COSC)

Anesthesia And Pain
Management (CANPC)

Evaluation and
Management (CEMC)

Hematology and
Oncology (CHONC)

Urology (CUC)


Speed Up Billing Cycle With Ongoing Coding Audits

Our expert coding professionals and auditors review and correct codes coming from manual or automated coding systems from real-time patient record review to post claim adjudication review to increase timely reimbursements and improve coding quality.

Prospective review

Prepare for upcoming patient encounters with review of clinical records to note down what information should be recorded to help the coding team record the right codes either during or after the visit.

Concurrent audits

Review and correct documentation and codes in real time or immediately after patient encounter and before claim submission to ensure codes match care provider delivered.

Retrospective audits

Review claims that have already been submitted for coding and documentation errors, overpayment instances, as well as under-coding opportunities.

Focused audits

Audit for issues that impact your organization on an ongoing basis.

By performing audits from multiple angles, your organization can expect improved coding accuracy, higher reimbursement, reduced denials and lower risk of non-compliance.


Identify Coding Denials Root Cause

Leveraging our analytics technology, our expert team is able to identify coding issues, denial trends and investigate each coding denial for root cause.

With continuous training and analysis, we are uniquely qualified to improve coding and document review workflows to prevent future coding inaccuracies.


Overcome Coding Denials

Our software identifies denials that are coding related and routes them directly to our coding team for adjudication. Common coding denial groups are Coding-CPT, Coding-DX/ Medical Necessity, Coding-General and Coding-Modifier.

Certified coders work claim denials

Our coders working denials are certified either with CPC or CCS-P.

Determine hard or soft denial

Root cause is identified to understand why the charge was denied and categorized as a hard or soft coding denial. Hard denials are irreversible and are often lost or treated as written-off revenue. Soft denials are temporary, with the potential to be reversed when the claim is corrected or additional information is provided.

Adjudication process is performed

Denial, note and coding review process is performed. Available medical records are reviewed and necessary changes are made to resubmit. We then route where the charge needs to go -rebill, appeal or adjustment.


Preventing Coding Denials From Recurring

We not only adjudicate on coding-related denied claims but also we also help avoid recurrence of the same denials in the future, especially for complex claims.

Discover coding denial root cause with analytics

Our coders utilize our analytics technology to identify coding denial trends and payer behavior to determine the root cause of the denials.

Actionable insights are shared

We share our findings with you, and include the education your coding team and providers need to improve documentation and increase your clean claim rate.

Help execute process improvements

We work closely with your team to adjust your current coding and clinical documentation workflows to avoid future coding denials, manual follow-up and appeals.

Case studies

How We Help Our Clients

Learn how we help our clients solve their coding challenges.

National Wound Care Group Improves Revenue And Compliance Using Coding Support Services

Our client is a leading provider of advanced wound care with more than 600 clinics across over 30 states. The group had previously engaged with another outsourced partner to support their coding but found they were unable to meet their coding compliance needs. Denial causes included missing modifiers, incorrect ICD codes, unmet LCD guidelines, and missing CPT codes. There were also issues with frequent upcoding and downcoding office visit CPT codes, ultimately resulting in revenue leakage and increased A/R. Learn how our coding team was able to help increase revenue with compliant coding and reduced denials.

Streamlined ICD-10 Coding and Charge Entry Procedures for a Regional Multi-Specialty Hospital and Group Practice

A large hospital and associated practices were experiencing significant revenue shortfalls brought about by unforeseen staffing challenges. They found themselves with a massive inventory of claims that needed to be coded, entered, and submitted for reimbursement. Read how our cardiology coding specialists and EPIC trained specialists helped clear the unprocessed claims and submitted to the appropriate payers.


You Asked, We Answered

Curious if our coding solutions will meet your needs? Here are your peers’ most common questions during evaluation.

Yes. Our coders carry AHIMA or AAPC certifications.
All of our coders have a minimum of 2 years of experience.
We provide solutions for both profee and facility coding.
Our team has experience in the following specialties: radiology and imaging, cardiology, laboratories, pharmacies, inpatient, outpatient, physical therapy, occupational therapy and surgical.
Our quality rate is 96%, however, most clients report a quality rate of 98% or greater.


Helpful Resources For Your Team

We create educational materials frequently in the form of virtual office hours, articles, white papers, webinars and podcast episodes which help our clients and peers with common coding challenges they face. If you would like us to address a specific topic, feel free to reach out to us. (note to designers: use thumbnail image from the blog post or white paper)


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Our Clients Grow With Us

As we streamline their organization’s coding workflows, clients are happy with increased results, as well as improved cash flow due to increase in reimbursements and reduction of claim denials due to coding issues. They usually end up retaining us for other revenue cycle management activities.

“I oversee coding, billing, and other functions. Working with Infinx, we have been able to maintain our costs while getting resources quickly. Infinx staff are trained and experienced and work well with our staff. They have become our RCM partner.”

Hospital in Texas

“Congratulations on a truly outstanding audit report. I calculate the quality rate at 97.7% with no coder below 95% and one coder almost perfect.

Thanks for your continued diligence and support of continuous coding quality improvement. Compliments to the team!”

Vice President of Billing Services
National Wound Care Group

“We’ve had a very positive experience working with you and your team so far… we appreciate their attention to detail and willingness to take feedback!”

Senior Director of Clinical Administration
National Physical Therapy Network

Looking For A Way To Improve Coding Accuracy?

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