Healthcare Revenue Cloud

Optimize healthcare payment lifecycle workflows and increase reimbursements with a comprehensive technology platform powered by AI, automation, analytics, integrations and intelligent workforce management.


Platform Developed To Boost Revenue

Our platform helps administrators overcome patient access and revenue cycle challenges by empowering them with technology solutions working seamlessly together to drive payment lifecycle optimization.

  • Continuous learning AI that can constantly learns and improves from provider, payer and patient interactions to accelerate revenue cycle teams
  • Ability to integrate with existing provider systems to evaluate data at scale and identify patterns for improvement
  • Automation orchestrated for repetitive processes while engaging specialists for complex knowledge-based tasks
  • Analytics and predictive machine learning to proactively identify revenue risks and tackle them before they impact the bottom line


More Intelligence, More Revenue

An AI platform with proprietary algorithms built in by learning across all the customers and geographies built by experts that can provide predictive and prescriptive insights across processes to reduce reimbursement risks and maximizes recovery.


Repetitive Tasks Done For You

Built-in automation platform for eliminating repetitive manual tasks e.g., manual data entry into multiple systems or checking on status or updates, thus increasing team efficiency.


Optimize With Dynamic Task Assignments

Intelligent workforce management with advanced work allocation algorithms to effectively identify the number of resources required and then dynamically assign and manage work and monitor productivity. The workforce management effortlessly orchestrates tasks between automation and a human to ensure that critical resources are only assigned complex knowledge work during any process.


Actionable Insights Drives Improvements

Embedded analytics framework to support on demand insights across all stages of the revenue cycle to proactively identify bottlenecks and drive optimizations.


Track Entire Patient Financial Journey

A comprehensive data platform can aggregate and create a longitudinal patient financial record that can help analyze the entire patient financial journey at an individual level or as part of the broad cohort of patients across time horizons.


Protect Patient Data As Volume Increases

The Healthcare Revenue Cloud is built on the latest of secure AWS for Health cloud technologies giving customers both small and large the ability to scale as their business grows without requiring additional hardware or licenses.


Quick Turnaround Times With Payer Integrations

Integration with payers via direct API integrations and major clearinghouse partners allows for key payer interactions to be fully automated and reduce requirements to follow-up on everything for eligibility to claims. This enables accurate submission and quick turnaround and eliminates manual tracking of payer responses.


Extract Data From Provider Systems In Seconds

Direct integration with provider systems using HL7, X12, APIs and the upcoming FHIR standards and can integrate with systems with proprietary standards. This allows it to deliver a seamless workflow with existing EMR and billing systems by extracting data without any manual intervention and return results back.


Metrics That Matter


authorizations processed


verifications processed


connected payers


payments collected


Recognized By Industry Publications

As we grow with our clients, we believe it is important to connect with editors and experts in the healthcare industry to communicate how we help our clients so that we can help readers even if they decide not to subscribe to our technology-enabled solutions.

We were awarded straight A’s for prior authorization automation by reputable customer insights firm, KLAS Research and ranked one of top 10 end-to-end RCM software platforms by Black Book Research.

Case studies

How We Help Our Clients

Learn how we work with our clients to solve their patient access and revenue cycle challenges with technology.

National Radiology Group Sees 28% Increase in A/R Recovery and Faster Cash Flow Using AI

We collaborated with a national radiology groups to streamline their accounts receivables totaling over $100 million. By initiating our AI and automation platform supported by our billing specialists into their A/R recovery workflow, our tech-enabled solution was able to significantly increase monthly reimbursements and reduce write-offs. Learn how our technology helped.

Growing Physical Therapy Group Resolves Eligibility And Prior Authorization Bottlenecks Using Automation

With a volume of 50,000 visits a week and at least half of those requiring authorizations, this rapidly growing network realized adding staff alone wasn’t going to be a financially sustainable solution for their patient access needs. Plus, their automated solution for benefits verifications would frequently leave cases incomplete when it couldn’t find the relevant benefits information. Learn how our AI and automation was able to resolve these challenges for them.


Helpful Resources For Our Clients

We create educational materials frequently in the form of virtual office hours, articles, white papers, webinars and podcast episodes which help our clients and peers with common patient access and revenue cycle challenges they face. If you would like us to address a specific topic, feel free to reach out to us.


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Positive Feedback After Implementation

The vendor has been performing great. I really haven’t had any issues. The vendor is still doing some eligibility and authorization work for me. Previously, they did a wonderful job of working with us in terms of how to set up and run the program because we are a complex organization with different workflows. We were able to consolidate everything into one workflow, and that really worked well for everybody’s needs.

Patient Access Director
Ambulatory Care

Unless something dramatically changes in the landscape, Infinx’s product will be part of our long-term plans as long as we need it. We had a lot of referring offices that said they would handle their own PAs but then turned them over to us because when we do PAs with Infinx’s product, they get done. I am not exactly sure how AI is applied to the Infinx product. But over the years, I think AI is Infinx’s margin. The more prior authorizations that Infinx’s product can process through some sort of automated machine learning, the more Infinx can communicate and have relationships with the insurance companies. Those relationship scan be triggered without having somebody on the phone, and that is where Infinx is going. They are good at delivering new technology, and we are looking at other products Infinx is offering.

Patient Access Manager
Ambulatory Care

The system has been great since we have had it. It has improved. It has been a tremendous help for me in my day-to-day duties. The product definitely is well worth having.

Patient Access Manager
Ambulatory Care

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