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Increase dental practice revenue by 20% and reduce overhead by 25% with automation and billing specialists.

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Streamline Dental Revenue Workflows

For dental practices, verifying benefits alone can take 45 minutes per patient due to a manual process and long hold times with payers. Overburdened staff struggle to keep up and work quickly, resulting in denials, no-pays, and unhappy patients.

While practices struggle to remain profitable, the ongoing staffing shortage does not help alleviate this burden as patient volume increases.

With our technology plus specialists approach, we help dental practices streamline their revenue workflows and increase collections.

  • Benefits verification
  • Payment posting
  • A/R and denials management

Our revenue solutions give your dental practice the relief you need to improve profitability and focus on patient care.

Infinx - Solutions - Dental Revenue Solutions - Powered By Automation - Complete Dental Collection Coverage - HIPAA Compliant


Complete Dental Collection Coverage

We combine automation technology along with billing experts to reduce your overhead, freeing up valuable time to focus on patients.

With customizable solutions, we partner with you to determine what support will make the biggest impact on your practice.

  • PMS/EHR integration
  • Benefits automation
  • Dental billing specialists
  • HIPAA compliant
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Dental Eligibility Verification & Benefits Check

Verifying benefits is an incredibly time-consuming but necessary task. Our complete benefits verification solution frees up your staff to focus on patient care.

By combining automation technology with our benefits experts, our dental clients obtain patient insurance information faster with higher accuracy.

  • 100% coverage for all payers
  • Customizable and flexible plan/service level benefits
  • Customized benefits checklists tailored to meet the needs of your dental practice
  • Verify benefits for multiple services at one time
  • Fewer eligibility related denials


Payment Posting

Payment posting is a mundane, manual task that monopolizes your staff’s time. Our payment billing team ensures EOBs are reconciled and posted to the patient’s account within your practice management system.

Our team is composed of experienced billing experts that pride themselves on efficiency and accuracy. We understand how important tracking payments is for the practice’s financial health.

Partner with us and your practice will benefit from:

  • Reduce employee overhead by 25%
  • More time to focus on patient care
  • The ability to quickly scale as your practice grows


Dental A/R Recovery & Denials Management

Stop writing off claims because of time constraints. Our experienced A/R recovery and denial management team has a proven track record of reducing write-offs and increasing reimbursement.

By partnering with our team, your practice will experience:


improved A/R & insurance denial recovery


decreased payment cycle


reduced payment denials


reduced supply overhead costs

“We had tried other companies but had always struggled with communication and production. After all our efforts, it was hard to justify the expense. Infinx however has been a very pleasant surprise. Great communication, clear productivity and quality management. They help us every day in our 10+ offices to work behind the scenes collecting benefit information ahead of the visits. After our initial training, there has been very little to manage. They take our feedback seriously and we dont see repeat errors. With over a year now working with them, we have seen none of the issues we had with previous vendors. I am a believer in Infinx!”

Regional Manager,
10+ Dental Office Group in Northeast

“In over 20 years working in the dental office, I have never worked with such a quality vendor. Smooth implementation, communication and customization. The tasks we have them do are done with the same quality and accuracy as in-house, without the management headache! Very reliable and friendly. I would recommend them to any dental office struggling to manage the benefits headache!”

Office Manager,
2 Office Group In Northeast

Infinx - Solutions - Dental Revenue Solutions - One Vendor Multiple Solutions - End-To-End Dental Revenue Support


End-To-End Dental Revenue Support

We support our clients with 24/7 support that ensures streamlined business operations and maximized reimbursement allowing you to focus on your patients. Our clients appreciate:

  • Single vendor for all your new and existing patient needs
  • Bundled offering that reduces the administrative cost of running your practice
  • Eliminate staffing challenges
  • Improve revenue without sacrificing the patient experience
  • Increased revenue through streamlined processes

Case studies

How We Help Our Dental Clients

Learn how we work with our dental clients to solve their revenue challenges.

Full Benefits Verification Coverage For Short Staffed Northwestern Dental Group

Our client is a growing 12 office group with 30 providers in the Pacific Northwest. Their primary concern was not having the staff available to do the benefits verification, and that the process of providing benefits checks and entering information into their PMS was very time consuming and expensive. We contracted with them to provide specialist support with their eligibility and benefits verification process. The group was happy with our results and we have continued working with them doing 100% of their benefits.  Learn how we helped them.

Dental Practice Finds Greater Functionality And Efficiency In Third Party Benefits Verification

The practice is a growing single office practice with three dentists. They contracted with Infinx for eligibility and benefits verification support and streamline their benefits verification process. After providing this service for 9 months now with very positive reviews from the practice, the billing office staff has been freed from the pain of doing in office benefits verification and the providers love that the benefits information is easily accessible through their PMS.  Learn more how we were able to help.


Helpful Resources For Your Team

We create educational materials frequently in the form of virtual office hours, articles, white papers, webinars and podcast episodes which help our clients and peers with common dental revenue challenges they face. If you would like us to address a specific topic, feel free to reach out to us.

Infinx - Webinar - Increase Point Of Care Revenue With Detailed Benefits Verification - With Derek Taylor


Increase Point Of Care Revenue With Detailed Benefits Verification


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Infinx - Webinar - Eligibility & Benefits Challenges In Dental With Derek Taylor


Eligibility & Benefits Challenges in Dental

Looking To Recover More Revenue For Your Dental Practice?

Let our dental team help you handle the headaches of insurance authorization, benefits verification and claim denials – so you get paid up to 20% faster.