Dental Practice Finds Greater Functionality and Efficiency in Third Party Benefits Verification

Inefficient Benefits Verification and Underutilized New PMS

The practice is a growing single office practice with three dentists. They approached us when they realized they weren’t doing benefits verification efficiently and were struggling to fully utilize their costly new practice management software. They contracted with Infinx for eligibility and benefits verification support and streamline their benefits verification process.

Overcoming Technological Obstacles to Efficient Verification

The first challenge was converting the benefits information they were receiving through fax into a format that could be easily used by our technology and their PMS. We helped get them switched over to an electronic format for benefits requests which could be easily imported.

Next, we went into their scheduling system to figure out how to automatically generate the reports on the patients that need verification, eliminating the need to manually look at the calendar. Our team did the technology updates needed to get their scheduling system to generate and sort lists of patients needed to more efficiently work by payers.

These lists were used by our eligibility and benefits verification specialists to quickly and accurately verify insurance benefits and eligibility with our database of payers, local, regional and nationwide. The information once verified by our specialists was inputted back into their PMS to be viewable as needed.

Successful Benefits Verification and Greater In Appointment PMS Functionality

We have been providing this service for 9 months now with very positive reviews from the practice. The billing office staff has been freed from the pain of doing in office benefits verification and the providers love that the benefits information is easily accessible through their PMS and they are able to utilize a greater degree of the functionality they are paying for.

For example, in their PMS, we upload the patient’s history into a field accessible directly from the treatment screen. When a dentist is in an appointment, they can click on the same screen and see the history of every tooth listed there. They didn’t previously have this accessibility because data wasn’t put into their PMS correctly. This allowed them to really enjoy the capabilities of their new PMS.

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