Charge Capture Optimization

Realize 2-5% more revenue by capturing missing billing services before claims are submitted for reimbursements. Brought to you by the team of experts at Ni2, our hospital division.


Reduce Charge Capture Leakage & Capture 100% Billable Events

Ensure accurate records and bills for all services provided to a patient so no reimbursement opportunities fall through the cracks.

Our AI flags bills with missing charges & charge errors

We leverage our our charge capture technology, ChargeView, powered by 1.6+ million algorithms, to identify all possible bills where a billable service was not captured on the bill, or captured incorrectly in a bill, before the claim goes out the door.

Our team of expert charge auditors identify services that can be added to the bill

Our charge auditors thoroughly review patient encounter records supporting the flagged bill to capture every single service that the provider is permitted to bill based on their payer contracts, while ensuring billing compliance with the charge description master (CDM).

Missing services are rebilled

Our team will validate all missed charges and can either provide an electronic handoff to your staff team to rebill or our team can update claims directly in your EHR.

Benefit from revenue lift from newly billed charges

Our charge capture optimization solution has been a key driver of our delivered revenue lift. We have been able to deliver operating margin improvement for clients, exceeding 2% lift over baseline revenue with smaller hospitals and outpatient providers seeing over 5% revenue lift.


Discover More Billing Opportunities

Our initial assessment identifies charge capture improvement opportunities and provides a detailed roadmap for implementation with prioritization of initiatives for maximum optimization in the shortest amount of time. During this audit, we typically discover 12% – 16% of hospital outpatient bills are missing billable services.

Complete charge capture coverage leveraging technology plus experts

We provide a complete solution to execute these initiatives, including the technology platform, expertise and all needed charge auditor bandwidth to ensure every billable service on your bottom line.

Baseline each charge capture optimization initiative prior to execution

Clients receive a benefit acknowledgement form for each of optimization initiative, which documents performance baseline for that initiative and how we are going to measure benefit to your organization going forward.

Examples of areas where missing charges or errors are typically found


Increase Revenue With Complete Charge Capture Coverage

Our charge capture solution includes:

  • Over 1.6 million charge capture algorithms
  • Charge auditor experts
  • Charge capture experts
  • Validation of missed charges
  • Real time performance reporting for agreed-upon charge capture initiatives
  • Analytics of gross charges, net reimbursement and new revenue


Developed For Maximum Recovery

Our charge capture optimization solution is driven by a thorough assessment and intelligent workflows developed to drive consistent results.


last 12 months of claims and payer contracts


initiatives to include missing billed services and prevent mischarges


initiatives to focus on in order of recovery value


charge capture to ensure all billable services get included


workflows with actionable insights to improve charge accuracy


Ensure Services Published In Chargemaster Gets Billed

In order to bill for a service, the charge needs to be in the provider’s published chargemaster.

When clients retain us, even though the service may be officially published in their chargemaster, billing staff still misses included that specific service in the bill after service is rendered which ends up resulting in that service not getting reimbursed. We help prevent this from occurring.


Leverage Our IT Infrastructure

For those providers who have limited IT bandwidth to allocate to charge capture optimization right away they can lean on our team of data specialists who are experts with EHR and billing systems so all data and interface requirements are taken care of for them, without the need to divert current IT staff attention from ongoing responsibilities.


Pay For Only Billable Services We Discover

For any missing billable services our solution discovers, we charge our clients a percentage of the missing services or mischarges identified. We get paid only on the reimbursements we collect.

We also offer FTE support on monthly retainers to help with any charge capture workflow gaps your organization may be experiencing.


Positive Results After Implementation


net patient revenue improvement


missing outpatient charges discovered


cost-to-charge reduction


billable events charged


Helpful Resources For Your Team

We create educational materials frequently in the form of virtual office hours, articles, white papers, webinars and podcast episodes which help our clients and peers with common charge capture challenges they face. If you would like us to address a specific topic, feel free to reach out to us.


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“Rural hospitals face many challenges, including hiring experienced revenue cycle talent. To be successful, you must either hire experienced talent, provide extensive training, or find an experienced business partner to assure cash is being collected in a timely manner. Jason and his team has surpassed our expectations.”

Chief Executive Officer
Rural Hospital

“At a time when hospitals face tremendous economic pressures to meet changing regulatory, clinical and consumer demands, they are a tremendous resource providing a no-risk solution that delivers bottom line impact.”

Chief Executive Officer
Regional Medical Center

“The only certainty in healthcare is revenue cycle is more and more complicated. As pressure mounts, our partnership on a myriad of engagements – all of which have delivered results which exceeded expectations. Value added in action – they are a strong RCM partner to our organization.”

Director of Patient Financial Services
Regional Medical Center

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