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We work closely with healthcare providers to overcome their revenue cycle challenges by leveraging automation and intelligence to increase reimbursements for patient care delivered.


Your Bottom Line Matters

We know healthcare and its complicated reimbursement landscape.

By partnering with us, providers stay a few steps ahead of ever-changing government regulations and payer guidelines so that they focus on strategically growing their business, instead of putting out fires to prevent revenue leakage.

Clients see a positive ROI within the first few months of our engagement.

“It is really easy for an outside vendor to say that they are part of our team. But Infinx lives that phrase. I would call them a partner.”

Patient Access Director,
Ambulatory Care

“Our account manager is very proactive about finding solutions and making sure we experience positive outcomes. Infinx’s account executives are on top of things.”

Patient Access Director,
Ambulatory Care


Powered By Artificial & Human Intelligence

While our artificial intelligence, natural language processing, robotic process and cognitive automation is making significant strides in optimizing patient access and revenue cycle processes, there still remains a need for team members with deep RCM, clinical and compliance expertise to manage cases that technology cannot execute on its own.

Our clients lean on us to help plug in these technology gaps. Instead of punting incomplete cases back to their staff, our team manually takes cases to successful resolution and notifies immediately if additional information is needed to proceed.

“One of Infinx’s strengths is that they have multiple teams that are available, and they can pivot when necessary to provide greater resources and offer better uses of technology and workflow. We don’t know of another organization that is doing something more efficient.”

Patient Access Director,
Ambulatory Care

“With the product, we obtain authorizations in a more timely fashion, and we can accommodate things interms of scheduling procedures or diagnostics prior to delivering the service. We make sure that services are going to be covered for the patient.”

Patient Access Director,
Ambulatory Care

“Unless something dramatically changes in the landscape, Infinx’s product will be part of our long-term plans as long as we need it. We had a lot of referring offices that said they would handle their own PAs but thenturned them over to us because when we do PAs with Infinx’s product, they get done. I am not exactly sure how AI is applied to the Infinx product. But over the years, I think AI is Infinx’s margin. The more prior authorizations that Infinx’s product can process through some sort of automated machine learning, the more Infinx can communicate and have relationships with the insurance companies. Those relationships can be triggered without having somebody on the phone, and that is where Infinx is going. They are good at delivering new technology, and we are looking at other products Infinx is offering.”

Patient Access Manager,
Ambulatory Care 

“We are extremely happy with Infinx. I would highly recommend them to anybody in my particular industry that asks for a referral. Infinx gets my preauthorizations in a much quicker, cheaper way than my own staff can get them. Infinx delivers what they said they would deliver. Infinx has the ability to get preauthorizations and pre-certifications in a much more expedient manner than we could. Infinx did not oversell the product, and we are impressed with what they are able to do. Infinx has overdelivered. It is always a benefit to have somebody on our side to overdeliver. Infinx has a lovely, easy-to-use product.”

Patient Access Director,
Ambulatory Care 


Recognized By Industry Publications

As we grow with our clients, we believe it is important to connect with editors and experts in the healthcare industry to communicate how we help our clients so that we can help readers even if they decide not to sign up for our solution or engage with our services.

We were awarded straight A’s by reputable customer insights firm, KLAS Research and ranked one of top 10 end-to-end RCM software platforms by Black Book Research.


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Helping Healthcare Providers Since Launch

Our journey started in 2012

We launched our revenue cycle management company in 2012 in San Jose, California, and one of our customers during that time was a large radiology group with the manual-intensive process of obtaining prior authorization approvals. As our capability tackling healthcare RCM challenges grew, we were referred to other providers to help them overcome similar challenge.

Helpful team leveraging technology approach

Our company flourished and technology was developed along the way to automate what we could so that we could tackle additional revenue cycle challenges our clients were facing. Our technology soon became available through a cloud-based web portal as well as through bidirectional integrations with leading EHRs, EMRs and practice management systems via H7, X12, APIs and FHIR.

Technology continues to evolve and adapt

We continued to expand our technology platform by making it more intuitive and capable. By leveraging artificial intelligence, natural language processing, robotic process automation, cognitive automation, intelligent workflow management and robust, predictive analytics, our team is able to help our clients manage complex revenue cycle tasks ranging from patient access to claim accuracy to denials management.

Our clients continue to benefit from this growth, in the form improved staff productivity, increased numbers of services rendered and patients served, and payments reimbursed for care delivered.


Our Clinical Expertise

Given our years of experience, we have helped many specialty groups streamline their patient access and revenue cycle workflow. If you don’t see your specialty here, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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