AAOE 2024 Annual Conference

April 26-29, 2024
Hyatt Regency
Chicago, Illinois
Booth #607

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Meet Us At Booth #607

At the AAOE 2024 Annual Conference, orthopedic executives and surgeons will connect with peers and gain insights on improving the business side of practices, elevating their careers, and implementing the best strategies through myriad learning opportunities.

Book a time, or swing by booth #607, to learn more about our revenue cycle and patient access solutions tailored for orthopedic practices.


Harnessing AI to Accelerate Orthopedic
Prior Authorizations

Tune in as Aakarsh Sethi, Senior Product Manager, dives into how AI can enhance and streamline prior authorization workflows at orthopedic practices. He will cover how AI can predict the likelihood of prior authorization approval, decrease denial rates, and assure faster approvals, as well as case studies from practices that have successfully incorporated AI into their workflow.

Infinx Session at AAOE Annual Conference Aakarsh Sethi
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Streamlining Patient Access And RCM For Orthopedic Practices

Our AI-powered patient access and revenue recovery solutions help providers capture more revenue and improve patient access. We assist providers with:

  • Eligibility Verification
  • Plan & Service-Level Benefits
  • Prior Authorization
  • Referral Check
  • Patient Pay Estimates
  • Insurance Discovery
  • Referral Management
  • A/R Recovery
  • Denials Management
  • Coding Accelerator
  • Charge Capture Optimization
  • RCM Optimization
  • Revenue Cycle Automation
  • Revenue Cycle Analytics

We also support deep financial insights and operational assistance that enable providers to enhance their organization’s overall financial health. Learn more by booking time with our team during the event.


Workforce Management Added To Patient Access Plus

Patient Access Plus helps our clients verify their patient’s insurance and benefits accurately at the plan and service level, as well as obtain faster prior authorization approvals, without the need for signing into various portals, by leveraging our proprietary AI, automation, payer and system integrations, optimized workflows, robust analytics and experienced specialists.

Our latest product update is the launch of our companion operations management system – Patient Access Plus Workforce Management (“Gen 2”) – which is a cloud-based, secure technology platform where clients can leverage their team and/or Infinx’s team to manage their patient access workflows.

The product has also been enhanced with more AI and automation, which includes:

  • more robust verification, enhanced benefits and “no authorization required” determination functionality,
  • automatic verification, initiation and follow-up in platform with the respective benefit managers or third-party administrators, and
  • seamless workflow orchestration between automation and teams, whether it be with the client’s teams, Infinx teams or both together.

Schedule a time to meet with us if you would like to learn more about our latest enhancement to our Patient Access Plus solution.


We Can Help Your Orthopedic Practice

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