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Medical Billing Solutions

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Medical Billing Solutions

The Challenge


Increase Speed and Accuracy

Successful medical billing depends upon skilled handling and timely completion of the charge entry and payment posting functions. From staffing challenges to dynamic patient volume, any disruption to the natural workflow can cause complications and significantly impact your bottom line. You need a scalable solution for managing your billing concerns without breaking the bank.

We hire and train certified medical billers who provide accurate entry of patient demographic data, assign accurate and relevant medical codes to the service delivered, and ensure precise charging for comprehensive services rendered. It all adds up to clean claims, proper billing, and timely reimbursement for you.


The only way to increase reimbursements for your practice is to have a specialized system that facilitates detailed data entry, full charge capture, and the constant discovery and elimination of errors. That is precisely what we bring to your practice – accurate entry of patient demographic data, assignment of relevant medical codes to the service delivered, and calculation of charges for the services rendered. It all adds up to clean claims, proper billing, and timely reimbursement for you.

Medical Billing Solutions Include:

Charge Entry-Infinx

Charge Entry

By having a specialized solution that works seamlessly with your team and facilitates detailed data entry, comprehensive charge capture, and the constant discovery and elimination of errors, you can directly impact reimbursement for your bottom line. That is precisely what we bring to your practice.


Payment Posting

Maximizing your practice revenue rests in the details, such as timely and accurate payment posting and dynamic staffing. With Infinx, we make sure that staffing levels are based on patient volume and workflow, rather than static capacity numbers. Payments are posted timely and contribute to improved Accounts Receivables (AR) and revenue cycle optimization.


Credit Balance Resolution

Unresolved credit balances in your AR puts you at risk of misstating your revenues. Our expert team of billing professionals will identify and resolve outstanding credit issues within regulatory guidelines and our automated medical billing processes ensure that payment duplications, incorrect billing, and coding inaccuracies are minimized going forward.


Contract Management

We bring power to the negotiating table with data that translate to higher reimbursements. We can protect or enhance your contracted rate with our healthcare contract management services and software solutions that inform your contract negotiations. We track payments, time them, and help capture you more revenue.



To improve your healthcare payment lifecycle, you need tools that quickly identify revenue-generating process gaps. Our analytics tools with predictive analysis provide knowledge that guides you towards improved performance, more accurately forecasted projections, and improved bottom-line results.


We ensure your billing accurately reflects patient treatment and services, and guarantee the posting of payments within 24 hours.


We accurately enter patient demographic data, complex medical codes, and insurance information to ensure accurate claims, proper billing, and timely reimbursement.


Our medical billing experts know your specialty and your payors. We bring intelligence and experience to your bottom line.

Medical Billing Specialties

We are well-versed in the complexities of medical billing for a variety of specialties and ancillary/allied services. Every specialty and subspecialty have unique challenges that we are trained to meet or exceed. We guarantee it. Your repeat referrals depend on smooth and effective billing for your patients.

We employ more than 2,000 specialists across global delivery centers in Texas and India, allowing you to manage volume fluctuations, turnaround times, and staffing challenges. With peace of mind, you can efficiently scale as your needs grow.

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Besides patient care, no other function is
more essential to revenue than medical billing.

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