Hospital Prior Authorization
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Capture more revenue with solutions for prior authorization, medical coding and accounts receivable.

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Prior Authorizations

The Challenge

Improving Revenue

Every hospital administrator knows that simplification leads to increased revenue, but not at the expense of compliance or high-quality patient outcomes. To help reduce overhead costs, speed up preauthorizations, improve claim processing efficiency, increase coding accuracy, or streamline billing to speed up payments, many hospitals are turning to service experts and partners to help improve their revenue cycle management (RCM).

In fact, 35% of CFOs in small hospitals or practices expect to completely move over RCM roles to functions outside their organization in 2018. Whether it’s due to declining reimbursement rates, value-based care initiatives, or staffing concerns, hospital leaders are seeking new hospital revenue cycle solutions.

Infinx is the healthcare company that preserves your revenue through the entire payment lifecycle by removing the primary reasons that cause denials.

Infinx Eligibility & Benefits Demo Page Example

Hospital RCM Solutions Include:

Patient Access

Payment lifecycle for hospitals begins with accurate information. Hospitals need robust data that informs patient engagement workflow, including insurance and payment data, and referral and prior authorization status.

With Infinx’s Prior Authorization Software, driven by AI and certified specialists who can handle exceptions, we can help you automate your entire patient access process, including patient eligibility and verification, patient pay estimation, referral management, and prior authorization.

Case/Undisclosed by Patients


The second step in the hospital payment lifecycle is accurate coding. You need a team that can consistently and accurately code with minimal errors. This allows you to move directly to billing.

Infinx offers coding services to ensure your payment is handled on time with industry-leading accuracy. Our certified and trained coders and innovative technology enables a workflow that reduces errors by 50%, accelerates the billing process, and helps you capture more revenue.
Our customers consistently experience less than 1% denial rate.

Hospitals Billing


The third step in the hospital payment lifecycle is accurate and timely billing. Your billing needs to meet payor guidelines expectations.

With services for charge entry, payment posting, credit balance resolution, and contract management, Infinx provides a complete solution that meets your needs. We understand the nuances between medical specialties and can bring exceptional experience to your bottom line.

Accounts Receivables

Accounts Receivables

The final step in hospital payment lifecycle is capturing revenue. This is the lifeblood of any medical business and where you realize revenue to stay in business.

Infinx brings intelligent automation to the accounts receivables and denials management process. We use machine learning to analyze your existing accounts and forecast how much you can capture, what should be captured, and what should be written off. And then we put human intelligence to work to follow up to secure your revenue.

Intelligent Automation

With a seamless and scalable platform, you can intelligently automate many of your patient access and RCM processes.

A Complete Solution

We deliver a complete solution that includes both artificial intelligence and human intelligence across the payment lifecycle.

Certified and Trained

Our certified and trained coders and billers know how to deliver positive outcomes, allowing you to focus on what matters most: patient care.


We stand by our work and guarantee what we do. We believe customer satisfaction is paramount to delivering business success.



Hospital in Florida

“Infinx configured their platform to interface with our EHR, Epic. They set up business rules, flags, and relevant data transmission conditions, developing a list of over 100 possible scenarios, each of which were tested during a week-long exercise. This identified a number of ambiguous triggers and fine-tuned them for a smooth transition.”

Our Results

>3.5 MM

Prior Authorizations Processed Yearly


Reduce Denials by:


Reduce Denials by:


Accuracy Rate:

*during quality checks


Helpful Resources For Your Team

We create educational materials frequently in the form of virtual office hours, articles, white papers, webinars and podcast episodes which help our clients and peers with common patient access and revenue cycle challenges they face. If you would like us to address a specific topic, feel free to reach out to us.


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