Adopting new technology can seem daunting for healthcare providers. Hear from our Chairman, Jaideep Tandon, on ways to make the process easier.

Here’s a snippet from our recent office hour conversation between him and Director of Marketing, Kate Tingley:


Do you have any advice for providers that are struggling or hesitant to adopt new technology? You brought up a lot of great points on what technology can do in the revenue cycle. So how do you implement these to move that needle?


What I like to recommend, and this is a message I give internally, as well as to a lot of our customers, is baby steps. If you try to solve everything, it’s a heavy lift. Taking out an EMR, putting a new one in or just saying I’m going to outsource my entire RCM operations, though those could be potentially great initiatives. But if as an organization, you’ve not been used to doing that, you may be setting yourself up for failure.

So it’s about taking, again, going back to a particular business process and just saying, this is one that I want to solve and yes, it won’t solve all my problems, but it will put me on a path that I can then build on that success. And we’ve seen that deployed very effectively in a lot of our customers. And we tell them we tell them, don’t try to do too much first, right? If you’ve never done it in the past, let’s start small.

Very recently, we started with a customer where they were considering just outsourcing their entire RCM operation. And we said let’s put the brakes on that for a second and figure out where really is your pain point. And their pain point was in the patient access side around insurance, eligibility verification, and prior authorizations. And we’re like, hey, let’s do prior authorizations, we can start-to-finish help you with that.

Let’s get a working relationship going with the folks on your side, between your staff and our staff, understand how it works, and build on that success to then adopt more challenges. That relationship has started to blossom. Taking one or one task at a time, deploying, measuring the success and really developing a blueprint for the next one from there on. That would be my recommendation and approach. Almost time and time again.

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