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Medical Accounts Receivables

Leverage artificial intelligence (Al) certified
A/R experts to know what revenue you can
actually capture in your payment lifecycle.

Medical Accounts Receivables

The Problem

Knowing-What- to-Capture-Infinx

Knowing What to Capture

Accounts receivables (A/R) can make or break your practice. If your team spends a significant amount of time following up with payors just to get an update on claim statuses, your efforts may be in vain. You need to understand the patterns and reasons why your A/R system makes it difficult to improve operations. You may find that efficiency is lacking and overwhelmed staff is hindering revenue growth.


Infinx brings an intelligent and automated approach to A/R management. We can help with your healthcare accounts receivables management workflow. Anything short of precise prior authorization, accurate coding, and effective billing practices can hide your revenue. We can help open the gates to a revenue stream you didn’t know you already have.

A/R Assist

Artificial Intelligence to Transform
Your Accounts Receivables

A/R Assist allows you to quickly and easily follow up on your aging A/R. It combines artificial intelligence (AI)-driven software with certified specialists to provide the advanced analytics and predictive insight you need to manage your A/R cycle fully.

A/R Assist can help you shrink the time that your accounts are allowed to remain outstanding. By providing in-depth analytics and a reliable team that can track unpaid accounts, our AI-enhanced system uses machine learning to assess the right course of action to secure your payments.

A/R Assist tackles both A/R resolution and denials management by combining the best of technology and service Intelligence to deliver the best-in-class A/R recovery. With the power of a curated knowledge base and predictive rules based on payor guidelines and procedures, automation, and machine intelligence, A/R Assist determines the next best action on unpaid claims and prioritizes the order and approach of resolution to ensure maximum dollar recovery.

A/R Assist Key Features:


Recovery predictor forecasts collectible dollars and collection timelines. Comprehensive M/L algorithms evaluate recovery propensity of your unpaid claims on more than 15 parameters including payors, denials, aging, modality, etc. and our proprietary forecasting engine accurately predicts future liquidation of outstanding billed A/R. Risks are identified to prioritize pending, denied and in-process claims.

Next Best Action Determiner
& Rules Engine

A meticulously curated set of more than 600,000 deterministic and predictive rules by our in-house A/R experts and data scientists to determine next best action to be taken for on A/R follow-up and denials management. Machine intelligence powered max dollar recovery strategy prioritizes follow-up activities to capture every possible dollar into your revenue books.

Extensive Payer and
Clearing House Integrations

Extensive Payer and Clearing House Integrations for claim status check, EOB data, eligibility & insurance verification. Auto-read EOB data, auto-creation of appeal letters and eFAX capabilities along with medical records makes denial follow-ups less cumbersome and efficient.


Intelligent ARflow is first of its kind Smart A/R specific workflow with Intelligent Prioritization engine and skills-based routing to ensure efficient on-time follow-up and resolution. Enriched with automation capabilities including TFL/TAL check, CPT mismatch, DOS check and Insurance Benefits checks, ARflow speeds up collections process.

Root Cause

Machine cognition powered root-cause-analysis identifies high-risk upstream RCM processes and recommends solutions to prevent revenue leakage. Built-in HFMA and MGMA compliant comparison metrics track resolution performance and identify upstream RCM process improvement areas.


Real-time Single-screen Dashboard view of operational analytics with utmost transparency into A/R recovery efforts and revenue improvements. A/R Assist continuously monitors and tracks statuses, progress and relevant documents shared on this single platform.

See Which Unpaid Claims You Can Recover

Contact us today for a FREE evaluation of your A/R health to see where we can recover revenue in your aged A/R.

A/R Products and Services Include:


Accounts Receivables

We provide you with an efficient billing to cash cycle, and timely denial appeals to ensure full reimbursement. Our billing specialists process old A/R, process and post unapplied payments, and ensure your aging report is accurate. By using our proprietary medical accounts receivable software tool, our team can keep tabs on your A/R workflow in a single comprehensive dashboard.


Aged Accounts

With A/R Assist, our accounts receivables product, we analyze your existing aging accounts with our proprietary recovery prediction algorithms. Infinx uses AI to analyze your aged A/R health and give you a clear picture of what accounts receivables can be captured.


Denials Management

Our medical billing specialists track every single denial with our proprietary software to deliver results. We examine denials line by line and appeal them – without delay. We track the appeals, so your money isn’t lost in the system, so you don’t leave 35% of your revenue on the table.


Infinx is the healthcare company that preserves revenue through the entire payment lifecycle by reducing the friction that exists in your healthcare revenue cycle.

Our Results

Reduced >120 A/R
in 6 Months:
Collections Ratio:
Addressed <5 Days:

*during quality checks