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Intelligent Revenue Recovery

Capture more revenue from A/R, denials and appeals by leveraging artificial intelligence, machine learning, smart integrations and robotic process automation with our extensive domain expertise.

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Growing A/R inventory, aging claims, and denial write-offs are the norm for most healthcare providers. It is reported that up to 65% of claims do not get worked on time.

Our comprehensive, intelligent revenue recovery platform helps A/R teams at leading healthcare providers to secure more revenue, discover cash opportunities, unblock reimbursement bottlenecks and reduce burdensome administrative work.

AI & RPA Powered RCM

Our technology helps providers predict, prioritize, recover, and reconcile A/R with the help of smart integrations, artificial intelligence and robotic process automation built on our extensive knowledge database.

Providers get quick reimbursement, efficient billing-to-cash cycles, timely appeals and intelligent insights to accelerate revenue recovery, reduce revenue leakage and eliminate write-offs.

Revenue Recovery Solutions

Our comprehensive recovery recovery platform accelerates collections with three products:
Revenue Insights (IRIS), A/R Optimizer (AROS) and Insurance Discovery.

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Get visibility into your current RCM activities with AI

Our Revenue Insights (IRIS) module automatically examines charge and remit data pulled from EMR platforms to perform AI-powered proprietary calculations to provide actionable insights and predictive analytics in interactive dashboards.

Finance executives can forecast cash flow and revenue cycle teams can implement process improvements for maximum A/R recovery and decreased write-offs.

  • AI/ML Execution
  • Denial Analytics
  • EMR/Billing Systems Integration
  • Extensive Knowledge Base
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Accelerate A/R recovery with AI & RPA

Capture every possible dollar, optimize early cash flow and prevent claims from missing timely filing limits per payer guidelines.

Our A/R Optimizer module helps revenue cycle teams predict, prioritize, recover and reconcile A/R by leveraging artificial intelligence, machine learning, smart integrations and robotic process automation.

Our platform is backed by our in-house billing specialists who provide full service in follow-ups, appeals and securing maximum reimbursements where required.

  • AI/ML Execution
  • Robotic Process Automation
  • Billing Systems Integration
  • Denial Analytics
  • Clearinghouse Integration
  • Operations Manager
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Find unidentified coverage to reduce bad debt

Discover and validate available coverage for patients, eligibility denials, and coverage related to clearinghouse rejections, boosting timely collections, and reducing the burden on patients.

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Our Results

60% reduction of >120 days aged AR in 6 month

14% increase in net collection ratio

60% reduction in cost to collect

40% reduction in denial rates

64% decrease in denial and aging AR write-offs

Clients Love This Solution

“When we met Infinx, we were having a tough time identifying trends. We were not doing a great job of analyzing the denial codes. We were doing a lot of reworks and were not working as smart as we could, which is why we liked A/R Optimizer’s prediction module. We also struggle with tackling claim volume because we were having staffing issues due to the pandemic, which we hope will be short lived.”

Revenue Cycle Manager
Orthopedic Group in Georgia 

“We used to go in through a module based on individual reason calls and work our denials that way. When we met Infinx, we were looking for a platform that identifies denials with data and predicts which claims should be worked so that we can make that a priority so that the money will come in faster.”

Denials Management Specialist
East Coast based Imaging Center Group


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