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Insurance Discovery Solution

Leverage AI, machine learning and experienced billing specialists to discover new revenue from unidentified insurance coverage

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The Challenge

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Hospitals have lost more than $620 billion due to uncompensated care since 2000, and the problem is on the rise. The loss is often due to uninsured or unbilled accounts, as well as eligibility related rejections due to coverage issues. But, did you know that 5-10% of these self-pay accounts that are written off as bad debt actually have billable insurance coverage, and 67% of those denials are recoverable?

Insurance Discovery Solution

Infinx Insurance Discovery Solution

Our Insurance Discovery Solution helps healthcare providers by discovering and validating available insurance coverage for patients, eligibility denials, and coverage related to clearinghouse rejections. This means a boost in timely collections and giving your patient’s peace of mind.

We provide end-to-end billing and revenue cycle management services with a team of billing experts that will manage your billing workflow and provide you with additional revenue from discovered coverage – at no risk!

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Which Accounts Need Insurance Discovery?

Uninsured/Charity Case/Undisclosed by Patients

Case/Undisclosed by Patients


(Discharged, Not FInal Billed)

Eligibility Rejections

Eligibility Rejections Without Recourse

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How it Works

Infinx Insurance Discovery Solution

Our Insurance Discovery Solution helps you find previously unidentified coverage, and at no risk!

  1. Uninsured accounts are uploaded to the Insurance Discovery Solution, and the automated process begins
  2. Machine learning, deep data mining and probabilistic analytics identify undisclosed coverage
  3. Patients demographics, insurance profiles, and their benefits are verified to determine if the discovered information is applicable

You won’t see a bill from us until we discover insurance against uncompensated accounts, payer is billed, and revenue is generated.

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Benefits to You

Our Insurance Discovery Solution fits anywhere in your RCM workflow, and is flexible:

Reduce Bad Debt

Reduce Bad Debt

Reduce bad debt risks for accounts identified as self-pay or charity

Infinx Insurance Discovery

Improve Cash Flow

Save both time and cost by reducing backend collection efforts. Get paid timely, improve your cash flow, and aging metrics

Recover Directly from Payers

Recover Directly from Payers

Recover in full directly from payers for coverages discovered

Increase Patient Satisfaction

Increase Patient Satisfaction

Ensure your patients aren’t compromised and their quality of care isn’t diminished due to unpaid medical bills


Infinx is the healthcare company that preserves revenue through the entire payment lifecycle by reducing the friction that exists in your healthcare revenue cycle.

Our Results

Savings in
Collection Efforts
Reduction in
Self-pay Write-offs
Insurance Payments

*during quality checks

Let Infinx help you discover and validate insurance coverage to capture more revenue.

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