Here’s the deal. If you’re still processing your prior authorizations manually, you are sacrificing revenue, cost containment, and population health management strategies. Period.

Why? Because too many of your patients are frustrated, unhappy, and seeking treatment elsewhere. As a result, adopting a real-time prior authorization solution is no longer just a competitive advantage, it is a business imperative!

By adopting real-time prior authorization determinations, you can expect a drastic decrease in wasted time and money – as well as a corresponding drop in patient churn and an increase in the accuracy of patient scheduling.

Reach Peak Capacity with Real-Time Prior Authorizations

Real-time determination of prior authorizations means fast answers and that makes patients happy. It minimizes churn, cuts scheduling times, and your staff is freed up to work on more high-value activities. Instead of waiting days and following up via phone, fax, and email, your staff can determine almost immediately whether an authorization is required, submit it, and receive confirmation. In other words, your organization operates at peak capacity.

The Infinx Prior Authorization Software solution is a secure, web-based portal solution, that provides real-time authorizations for any procedure that requires insurance pre-certification. It’s simple and easy. With one single platform, the Infinx Prior Authorization Software solution tracks and catalogs each authorization based on status. It validates addresses, reducing rejections, and leverages a procedure code lookup tool. Just like that, you save both time and money, free up your in-house resources and adopt fast turnaround time and increased customer satisfaction.

Exception Handling by Proven Experts

But no system is 100% automated, right? That’s why Infinx retains a specialized prior authorization support team to perform expert exception handling. For example, if a patient’s benefits suggest a prior authorization isn’t required, but the Infinx Prior Authorization Software indicates that it is, our team can evaluate the payer rules and the data feed to determine why there might be a discrepancy.

Infinx’s deep understanding of claims processing and denial trends helps your team get answers quickly at each stage of the prior authorization process.

An Industry Shift to Real-Time Prior Authorizations

Today states increasingly expect payers to adopt Electronic Data Interchange standards for electronic prior authorizations. Over 86% of providers saw a rise in the prior authorization requirement in the last five years, yet that same number of providers use a manual system to manage their prior authorization workflow.

According to a 2019 American Medical Association Survey, 91% of clinicians say lengthy prior authorization protocols have impeded timely patient access to care and harmed patient clinical outcomes.

To Sum Up

Doctors and administrators understand that delayed or flawed authorizations are deeply frustrating and even traumatic for patients causing them to lose faith in both their treatment and their provider. By using advanced automation, prior authorizations can be done in real-time, which improves clinical outcomes and patient satisfaction.

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