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A/R Optimization

Leverage AI, automation and certified billing specialists to capture more revenue from your aging A/R

Medical Accounts Receivables

The Challenge

Knowing-What- to-Capture-Infinx

Knowing What to Capture

Growing accounts receivable (A/R) inventory, aging claims, and denial write-offs are the norm for most healthcare providers. A/R can make or break your practice. If your team spends a significant amount of time following up with payers just to get an update on claim statuses, your efforts may be in vain.


We help providers predict, prioritize, recover, and reconcile revenue from aging A/R claims by accelerating revenue recovery, reducing revenue leakage and eliminating write-offs through our proprietary technology and certified billing specialists.

A/R Optimization Solution

Our A/R Optimization Solution applies advanced artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning capabilities to automate aging A/R activities. Our technology turns your data into actionable insights to optimize A/R recovery while significantly decreasing write-offs by automatically identifying the next, prescriptive best resolution activities for an increased early cash flow.

With the power of a curated knowledge base and predictive rules, based on payer guidelines and procedures, automation, and machine intelligence, you can now easily determine the next best action on unpaid claims and prioritizes the order and approach of resolution to ensure maximum dollar recovery. Using our intuitive interface, your team has access to real-time analytics and predictive insights providing transparency into aging A/R recovery efforts and revenue improvements.

A/R Optimization Solution Features

Denial Analytics

Automatically examine claim data and perform proprietary calculations without human intervention to provide valuable analytics and actionable insights.

Smart Prioritization

Machine intelligence powered by a Maximum Dollar Strategy prioritizes follow-up activities to capture every possible dollar, optimizes upfront cash flow and prevents claims from missing timely filing limits, per payer guidelines.

Predicted Recovery

Accurately forecast collectible dollars and collection timelines. Our Recovery Prediction eliminates the guessing of A/R recovery. Risks are identified to prioritize pending, denied, and in-process claims, providing a reliable forecast of expected A/R and write-offs allowing for proper financial planning.

Next Best Action Determination Engine

Our proprietary machine learning predictive insight algorithms leverage over 600,000 deterministic rules to determine the next best actions to be taken on aging A/R follow-up and management eliminating days, if not months to expedite A/R recoupment and decrease unnecessary write-offs.

See Which Unpaid Claims You Can Recover

Contact us today for a FREE evaluation of your A/R health to see where we can recover revenue in your aged A/R.

How We Can Help


Accounts Receivables

We provide you with an efficient billing to cash cycle, and timely denial appeals to ensure full reimbursement. Our billing specialists process old A/R, process and post unapplied payments, and ensure your aging report is accurate. By using our proprietary software, our team can keep tabs on your A/R workflow in a single comprehensive dashboard.


Aged Accounts

Our solution analyzes your existing aging accounts with our proprietary recovery prediction algorithms. Infinx uses AI to analyze your aged A/R health and give you a clear picture of what accounts receivables can be captured.


Denial Management

Our medical billing specialists track every single denial with our proprietary software to deliver results. We examine denials line by line and appeal them – without delay. We track the appeals, so your money isn’t lost in the system, so you don’t leave 35% of your revenue on the table.


Infinx is the healthcare company that preserves revenue through the entire payment lifecycle by reducing the friction that exists in your healthcare revenue cycle.

Our Results

Reduced >120 A/R
in 6 Months:
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Addressed <5 Days:

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