Michelle Ronfeldt, Infinx Facility Coding Auditor, on this week’s Office Hours session, “Unlocking ERISA: Navigating Insurance Claims, Denials, and Recoupments,” and unravel the complexities of ERISA and its impact on healthcare providers.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Identify ERISA-Covered Plans: Understand which health plans fall under ERISA and the federal protections these plans provide, differentiating them from those not covered.
  2. Navigate Claims and Denials: Learn how to effectively manage insurance claims and denials using ERISA guidelines, ensuring patient claims are handled correctly and in compliance with federal law.
  3. Prevent and Address Recoupments: Gain strategies to prevent illegal recoupments from providers and learn how to address and resolve recoupment issues by leveraging ERISA protections.

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