Our expert-led webinar designed to empower AR managers, practice administrators, coders, and billers with advanced knowledge and strategies to minimize insurance denials and optimize reimbursement processes. This session focuses on two critical areas in medical coding: Central Venous Catheter placement and valve replacement procedures that require clinical trial numbers.

Key Topics:
1. Understanding Insurance Denials for Central Venous Catheter Placement:

  • Common Pitfalls: Discover the most frequent reasons for denials in claims involving central venous catheters.
  • Coding Best Practices: Learn the intricacies of coding for different types of central venous catheters, including tunneled vs. non-tunneled catheters and those with ports.
  • Documentation Essentials: Explore the documentation requirements necessary to ensure that claims are processed smoothly and without unnecessary delays.

2. Navigating Clinical Trial Requirements:

  • Clinical Trial Coding: Understand the importance of including trial numbers in claims for aortic and mitral valve replacements and the consequences of omissions.
  • Claim Submission Strategies: Gain insights into effective claim submission techniques to prevent denials and ensure that claims requiring clinical trial numbers are accepted and reimbursed.

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