How Tech-Enabled Services Accelerate Your Prior Authorization Workflow

Infinx - Webinar - How Tech-Enabled Services Accelerate Your Prior Authorization Workflow - 06172020


When it comes to the least supported aspect of the healthcare billing lifecycle, prior authorizations for outpatient procedures are seen as disruptive and burdensome for hospitals, physician groups and diagnostic providers.

The AMA has reported that 92% of physicians said that prior authorizations often delay a patient’s access to essential care. And while there has been progress in consensus building industry-wide, real change may take years and amount to very little. Today, however, there are tech-enabled services available that greatly enhance the prior authorization workflow and ensure that patients get timely care that they deserve.

With many states lifting or easing stay-at-home orders and people anxious to get back to a semblance of normalcy, healthcare providers are facing an enormous backlog of postponed care and finite resources available to provide that care.

An alternative solution to help positively impact these backlog of procedures and tests would be to initiate a tech-enabled service that combines automation and AI-driven technology, with experienced certified prior authorization specialists, to accelerate your prior authorization approvals and decrease denials – ultimately optimizing revenue and improving patient satisfaction.

Some learning objectives:

    • Understanding how a tech-enabled service provides you with complete prior authorization coverage
    • How leveraging technology and specialists will streamline your workflow and speed up your prior authorization approvals
  • How taking a proactive approach will provide efficiencies and an immediate pay-off that will continue long after things have returned to “normal” in the future

David Byrd
VP, Growth & Strategy

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Infinx Healthcare provides innovative and scalable payment lifecycle solutions for healthcare practices. Combining an intelligent, cloud-based platform driven by AI with our trained and certified coding and billing specialists, we help clients realize revenue, enabling them to shift focus from administrative details to billable patient care.

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