The increasingly complex landscape of radiology billing and reimbursements, combined with ever-changing payer policies and regulations, is challenging and often leads to denials, underpayments, and revenue leakage.

In this RBMA webinar sponsored by Infinx Healthcare, we delve deeper into the potential of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to accelerate revenue cycle management activities.

Infinx’s Chief Product Officer, Navaneeth Nair, as he discusses how AI can prioritize claims based on their likelihood of payer acceptance, value, and other critical factors. This smart prioritization can significantly reduce the administrative burden, minimize claim denials, and enhance the reimbursement process.

If your organization is experiencing delayed payments, frequent claim denials, or simply seeking to optimize your imaging services’ profitability, this webinar is designed to provide concrete examples on how you can leverage AI technology and provide actionable tips to elevate your revenue recovery and denials management workflow.

Key Takeaways:

• Discover the intricacies of AI-powered predictive analytics and understand how it can transform claim follow-up prioritization processes
• Learn innovative strategies on how AI can help increase reimbursements, reduce claim denials, and prevent revenue leakage
• Understand the potential of AI to provide data-driven insights into future payment trends, empowering finance teams to make informed decisions that can boost profitability
• Gain valuable insights into how a data-driven approach can enhance efficiency, streamline workflows, and improve the financial health of imaging centers and radiology groups

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