At the April RBMA PaRADigm 2023 Annual Meeting in Hollywood, Florida, our Chief Product Officer, Navaneeth Nair, presented a popular topic on how advances in AI and automation create an intelligent A/R solution that increases collections and cuts staff workload.

In keeping with the RBMA conference’s “Resolve to Evolve” theme, Navaneeth covered how intelligent A/R predicts the actual recoverability of accounts and recommends prioritization based on the probability of recovery. Focused on the accounts most likely to yield the most return, our clients’ staff spend less time capturing more revenue.

By leveraging AI, analytics, and automation in our A/R solution, Infinx clients typically realize a 2% to 5% net patient revenue uplift and 20% net new collections from A/R and denied claims. Clients also benefit from more accurate revenue modeling to improve their operations and bottom-line margins by preventing unnecessary lost revenue before claims become write-offs.

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