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Patient Access Solutions

Give your team the automation and patient financial information they need to preserve more revenue in the payment lifecycle.


The Problem


A Lack of Automation

How much are you losing in your patient access? Doctors spend an estimated $83,000 per year, per doctor on fixing prior authorization issues. Processing patient data, referrals, and prior authorization requirements is complicated and laborious. That’s a recipe for lost revenue and unsatisfied patients.

Infinx Patient Access Software is an automated patient access workflow solution. It helps you get ahead of the revenue cycle problem by quickly authorizing and confirming every procedure rendered can be billed with near certainty to its accuracy and propensity to collect.

Infinx Patient Access Software


ArtificiaI Intelligence to Transform Your Patient Access


Our Infinx patient access software blends automation, integration, cognition, and control to offer you an optimized workflow for your entire patient access process. It leverages our artificial intelligence (AI) and human intelligence (HI) capabilities to provide a robust and seamless solution for pre-registration issues. AI optimizes your workflow, giving you insight into status and activities. Cases needing more in-depth attention are then forwarded to our global team of specialists who can process your prior authorization with speed and impeccable accuracy. Infinx Patient Access Software is built on iBridge, our comprehensive product platform with built-in critical modules that allow you to expand as you grow.

With Infinx Patient Access Software, you can schedule incoming patients quickly and accurately, confident in the knowledge that all the critical steps of patient access will be handled successfully before each patient walks in your door. With intuitive feature sets, our software is designed to bring you successful outcomes at each patient touch point: referral management, insurance verification, patient pay estimates, propensity to pay, optimized scheduling, and prior authorizations. It helps you maximize your collections while minimizing denials, giving you accurate and efficient use of all your resources.

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Infinx Patient Access Software Includes:


Referral Management

Infinx Patient Access Software includes a robust, web-based, multi-channel referral management system that integrates seamlessly with all your referring physicians, allowing you to send or receive referrals and clinical documentation easily and securely.


Insurance Eligibility and Verification

Our automated, real-time electronic insurance eligibility and benefits verification module conducts insurance verifications, eligibility, and benefits checks in seconds for all your incoming patients, and connects to thousands of payors nationwide.


Patient Pay Estimation

Our patient pay estimation module provides accurate patient responsibility estimations in real time. This allows you to inform and educate each patient about their financial responsibility and capture more revenue.


Propensity to Pay

Our propensity to pay module leverages our machine learning and our AI capabilities to analyze a patient’s ability to pay to determine a propensity to pay score. The propensity to pay module allows providers to prioritize their collections time and energy.


Optimized Scheduling

Our scheduling recommendations module uses machine learning to accurately estimate the turnaround time (TAT) you need to complete all relevant patient access processes and delivers all pertinent information directly to your calendar.

Prior Authorization-Infinx

Prior Authorization

Our automated prior authorization module leverages machine learning and subject matter experts to enable critical early stage decision-making on cases that need prior authorization. You’ll avoid costly prior authorization and claim denials down the line.


Painless Integration

Integrates with all leading EHR/EMR and PMS systems for a near touchless experience.


Touchless Automation

Automate every aspect of your patient access process using RPA, AI, and EDI for near touchless automation.


Powerful Cognition

Leverage deep machine learning and data science to create a powerful decision engine in real time.


Unparalleled Control

Access operational analytics and real-time status reporting to track every case that needs your attention.

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Our Results

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Did you know that 92% of physicians report prior authorizations to have a negative impact on patient clinical outcomes? And 64% must wait at least one business day for prior authorization decisions. An estimated 30% of physicians wait three business days or longer.