Infinx, a leading global provider of business process and technology solutions headquartered in California, announced today the launch of its new delivery centre in Hyderabad, India. The Chairman of Tandon Group of Companies, Mr. M.L. Tandon, the Managing Director, Mr. Sandeep Tandon and CEO, Mr. Hiren Kulkarni of Infinx inaugurated the ceremony of the center today. The state of the art modern facility located at Raheja South Zone SEZ, Shamsabad area, in the heart of Hyderabad technology hub, is expanded over 20,000 square feet production area delivering world-class infrastructure meeting the needs of the global corporate world.

The new facility will serve as a “Center of Excellence” for business processes in Medical Coding, Accounts Receivables, Accounts Payable, Document Management and SAP Business One. The center has a capacity to scale upto 500 seats, and will start with a 200 seat project for Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management particularly in areas of medical coding, account receivables and 150 seats for accounts payable and document management projects. Infinx has developed a robust recruitment and training plan to make the new facility operational by investing largely in Human Capital and Training & development programs that meet the global industry standards.

Further, Infinx also plans to extend its arm in SAP business by setting up a sales touch point office operating out of the new delivery center. Over years, Infinx has been successfully serving over 100+ SAP customers across various industries and plans to further drive profitable growth– with SAP Business One. Infinx partnership with SAP and exclusive focus on project management solutions strengthens its ability to help customers and partners find new and innovative ways getting the most out of their investments in SAP Business One.

The new facility helps Infinx to achieve its mission of further expanding the Healthcare RCM and Accounts Payable business by bringing highly innovative, top quality services by capitalizing on the large talent pool available in the region. While doing so, Infinx also plans to create equal employment opportunities for fresh graduates and experienced professionals in the surrounding areas.

The new facility is fully compliant with the best in class IT infrastructure, security and compliance standards that all Infinx facilities worldwide meet.

“We are delighted to launch our new delivery center which will enable us to continue to meet the needs of our customers by bringing in skilled diversified and talented workforce available in this region and most importantly helps us further strengthen our Business Continuity Strategy” says Hiren Kulkarni, CEO, Infinx. “This initiative has been a part of our long term strategy to expand our footprints in other parts of India providing our clients with greater choice of facilities and talent”, he added further.

Over the last two years, Infinx has made major investments to expand its outsourcing operations to deliver high quality services, customer support, and software development solutions to its clients .Infinx has been building strong relationship with its clients by focusing on generating business value through delivery excellence and innovative offerings and continues to grow and acquire a decent market share in today’s outsourcing industry. Infinx aims to enter newer geographies to provide best in class integrated business process and IT solutions to its global customers.

About Infinx Services

Infinx is a Global Business Process Management & Technology solutions company providing integrated portfolio of outsourcing solutions in areas of Healthcare RCM, Pharmacy, Document Management, IT and SAP.

Headquartered in San Jose, California, Infinx focuses on delivery high quality healthcare & technology solutions to its clients across the globe.

Infinx combines Service Delivery Excellence, Subject Matter Expertise and Analytics and BI Tools to deliver business value to the clients through its entire spectrum of services.

Over years, with strong focus on business intelligence tools, Infinx has been successfully developing various decision making IT tools and applications for its various healthcare clients across the globe.

With strong leadership, subject matter experts and unified service delivery model, Infinx has a strong record of serving over 100+ clients in the Healthcare and IT space.

With over 3000+ employees globally and 5 world-class delivery centers in Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, Chennai , Burgur & Hyderabad in India; Infinx stands as a trusted partner to US Providers, Hospitals, Pharmacies, Medical Billing companies delivering Mission Critical Solutions with 24x7x365 operational reliability.