Our X12 integration with Epic’s EMR just became more seamless.

Previously, our integration available on the Epic app marketplace utilized only 278 bidirectional messaging, which lacked the ability to send or receive clinical documents when processing prior authorizations. Our Patient Access Plus clients had to download a separate Smart FHIR widget to facilitate the selection and attachment of documents from Epic.

Our updated X12 integration leverages Epic’s EMP spec and now allows for the direct sending and receiving of clinical documents to and from Patient Access Plus, eliminating the need for additional applications or widgets.

When an order is created in Epic, Patient Access Plus sends a 278 request, which triggers Epic to send these documents in 275 PDF format.

This update eliminates the need for our clients to download extra software or switch between applications during prior authorization workflows.

Additionally, once authorization details are processed, feedback is sent back into Epic’s system, including reason codes for various statuses.

If you would like to learn more about this update, please contact your customer success manager.

If you are looking to integrate Patient Access Plus with your Epic environment, feel free to schedule a demo to learn more.