We are pleased to announce that Infinx has been named a ‘Major Contender’ in the 2023 RCM Platforms PEAK Matrix® assessment conducted by Everest Group. This recognition comes after a thorough evaluation of 20 leading RCM platforms, highlighting our position in the healthcare financial management sector.

Role of RCM Platforms in Healthcare

According to Everest Group, RCM platforms play a vital role in automating financial processes within the healthcare industry. These platforms streamline everything from patient registration to final bill payment. In the current healthcare landscape, RCM solutions are increasingly sought after for their ability to handle not only present challenges but also adapt to future changes. Key functionalities in demand include patient engagement, denial management, and medical coding.

Everest Group’s Assessment Criteria

The assessment by Everest Group evaluated various aspects crucial to healthcare organizations when choosing an RCM platform. These included the vendor’s vision and strategy, technology capability, ease of deployment, engagement and commercial model, client support, market adoption, portfolio mix, and the value delivered.

Infinx’s RCM Platforms Evaluation

Our recognition as a Major Contender was based on a comprehensive evaluation process. This involved a detailed Request for Information (RFI), several discussions with Infinx stakeholders, and client reference checks for our Patient Access Plus and A/R Recovery & Denial Management (ARDM) solutions. This evaluation, along with Everest Group’s continuous analysis of the RCM technology market, reflects our commitment to providing effective RCM solutions.

Learn More About Our RCM Tech-Enabled Solutions

To understand how our tech-enabled solutions can improve your patient access and revenue cycle workflows and outcomes, we encourage you to read the summary of Everest Group’s assessment on their RCM Platform PEAK Matrix web page.

For a firsthand experience of our platforms and to see how it can benefit your organization, please schedule a demo with our team.