Texas Cardiology Practice Reverses Massive Collection Shortfall, Increases Average Monthly Collections over $59k with A/R Analytics

Our client is a well established 3 doctor cardiology practice with a state-of-the-art facility in the Houston area. They specialize in treating carotid artery and vein diseases and perform in-house tests and scans, including echos, ultrasounds, EKG and nuclear stress tests, as well as PET scans.

Massive Collection Shortfall With 58% Of A/R Over 120+ Days

Experiencing significant A/R recovery challenges but uncertain of the cause, the practice turned to Infinx to conduct an analysis of their A/R data. Putting the data through our proprietary Revenue Insights Solution (IRIS), we found that they were experiencing a collection shortfall of 37% and with a staggering 58% of their total AR over 120 days due. They also had low reimbursement rates on cardiovascular, nuclear medicine and diagnostic procedures, particularly from commercial payers due to coding errors.

While they had been with their previous billing company for 20 years and were reluctant to switch, IRIS’s identification of the collection shortfall convinced them to act. They partnered with us for end-to-end support of their RCM process.

Infinx IRIS and End-to-End RCM Support Chosen To A/R Recovery

Based on the insights, our RCM specialists could identify specific reimbursement bottlenecks and formulate strategies to address outstanding A/R and undertake RCM process improvements to improve reimbursement rates.

We implemented full scale RCM support, including coding, charge entry, rejections, payment posting, insurance A/R, patient statements and patient calling, and more. Our teams both provided the hands-on effort to get these done and the expertise to optimize the processes.

AROS Finds Root Cause and Drives Reimbursement

With nearly $10 million at risk, finding the source of the denials in the face of looming expirations was urgent. The Infinx team moved quickly to implement AROS and evaluate the collectability of outstanding denials and accounts receivable and create a plan for resolution.

Coding Experts Identify Errors Causing Denials

Our coding experts worked closely with providers to ensure documentation and medical necessity supported the codes.

For example, our analysts found a pattern of denials for cardiac monitors due to a lack of authorization and discovered that the practice was submitting authorizations for the wrong CPT code. The in-house staff was able to resolve this issue.

Denial Intelligence Monitor

This module rapidly determined the key source of the client’s aging A/R. Denials were largely due to authorization and medical coding-related rejections.

Shortfall Monitor

This module helps identify revenue opportunities and plug revenue leaks. It compares collected amounts by each CPT code with contractual allowed amounts.

$59k Increase In Average Monthly Collections In 3 Months

The cardiology practice had a significant turnaround in key financial performance metrics within 3 months, including a $59k increase in monthly collections.


+18% (within 3 months)


-67% (within 6 months)


Days in A/R reduced from 52 days to 30 days


120+ A/R as a % of Total A/R
reduced from 58% to 21%

Let’s Optimize Your RCM Workflow

Could your cardiology practice benefit an AI optimized revenue insights tool to tackle your aging A/R? Schedule a demo with us to see how our solutions can help.

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Speed Up Prior Authorizations Using Automation and Artificial Intelligence

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Speed Up Prior Authorizations Using Automation and Artificial Intelligence

Accelerate your approvals, collect more revenue, and improve the patient experience

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