Infinx Healthcare and openDoctor have partnered to create a complete patient access solution that brings a cloud-based seamless integration to patient on-boarding for imaging centers and radiology groups. With industry-leading solutions that fit within your workflows, our solutions create synergistic real-time access that meets patients’ accessibility expectations.

openDoctor, the premier patient engagement and scheduling portal solution, and Infinx, an industry leader in automated prior authorizations, are teaming up to offer a streamlined patient experience that focuses on the patient on-boarding process for radiology groups and imaging centers.

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How a Complete Patient Access Solution Would Work

Today’s patients are tech-savvy and convenience-oriented. They want to access their healthcare in an integrated, intuitive way that allows them to complete the entire on-boarding process without delay or confusion.

Whether you are in a single radiology office or have multiple imaging locations, our solutions work together to streamline your patient’s scheduling, prior authorization, and payment systems. From the patient’s perspective, our combined technologies will accomplish on-boarding tasks comprehensively and without interruption, a vast improvement from the days of phone calls and fax machines.

openDoctor’s Integrative Patient Engagement Solution

Using advanced scheduling logic, openDoctor supports real-time appointment scheduling workflow for multi-facility radiology groups. By bringing a cloud-based patient experience, openDoctor weaves insurance verification and eligibility, virtual check-in, paperless registration, and online payments into a smoothly integrative patient access tool with matchless capabilities.

With openDoctor, no matter the appointing complexity, their advanced scheduling logic allows a repeatable experience that matches patients to the correct time, exam/resource, and location every time, thereby reducing guesswork and scheduling confusion. Patients are then notified of upcoming appointments through a customizable content and delivery system where they can register and check-in virtually from their device.

Pair all this with the Infinx Prior Authorization Software that brings a robust and powerful engine designed to determine if a prior authorization is required or not, in real-time to provide you with a fully automated and contactless patient experience.

Infinx’s Augmented Intelligence Solution

Infinx, a leader in augmented intelligence for the healthcare sector, designed a Prior Authorization Software as a tech-enabled service solution, marrying artificial intelligence and machine learning technology. The solution offers real-time processing and submission capabilities, supported by highly skilled technicians to ensure resolution for emergent or complex prior authorizations.

To outline, advanced automation and AI-driven software can be integrated bi-directionally with the radiology practice’s EHR/EMR/RIS for client management through cloud-based technology. As soon as the patient’s order is input, tests or procedures requiring prior authorizations would be electronically identified, provider/facility detail, patient demographics, and test/diagnosis information would be collected, and an approval request submitted in real-time to the appropriate insurance payer portal.

Behind the scenes, AI-driven software with machine learning capabilities continuously accesses information from clearinghouses storing thousands of insurance groups and plans, each with their own unique guidelines and requirements, and electronically determines the prior authorization parameters to route the request. Prior authorization approvals that once took between a couple of hours to several days or weeks are now accomplished in seconds with a 98+% accuracy rate, as documented by Infinx’s long-time client, RadNet.

Stronger Together

Together, these powerhouse technologies enable a smoother patient encounter from the initial contact, through scheduling and the intake process, to obtaining timely prior authorizations. Our robust, contactless, and integrative systems ensure maximum reimbursement through compliance with up-to-the-minute payer requirements while bringing efficiency and cost savings to the bottom-line.

And most importantly, these two solutions together give your patients an experience that exceeds their expectations through value-added convenience.

Contact Infinx or openDoctor to learn more about our complete patient access solution available for radiology groups and imaging centers.