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Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Certified Specialists

You need both automation and expertise to realize more revenue. It’s that simple.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Human Intelligence (HI)

Automation with AI

Artificial intelligence is rapidly changing the patient access workflow. The ability to automate tasks that once took significant human resources changes the game for hospitals, clinics, and imaging centers.

Infinx is leading the way with artificial intelligence automation. It reduces payment defaults, denials on prior authorizations and claims, and improves schedule optimization. It can dramatically improve the accuracy and speed of your workflow.


Exceptional Handling
by Certified Specialists

When automation and artificial intelligence reaches its limit, you need an expert who can step in and complete the process. You need both automation to optimize your workflow, and you need the expertise to handle the exceptions.

Infinx brings that expertise to your processes. Our experts are highly trained and certified to manage the complexity across your payment lifecycle, including prior authorizations, coding, billing, and accounts receivables. Infinx reduces error and protect your payment lifecycle.

Infinx automates your processes in ways that reduce error
and protect your payment lifecycle.

And that makes everyone happy.