AAOE 2023 Annual Conference

April 20–23, 2023
Hyatt Regency Orlando
Orlando, Florida
Booth #900

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Meet Us At Booth #900

At the AAOE 2023 Annual Conference, orthopedic executives and surgeons will share best practices for gaining market share, handling the staffing shortage, and creating a dynamic culture at your practice.

You can capture these opportunities with support form our latest solutions for patient access, charge capture, and revenue cycle management. Orthopedic physicians and executives who modernize will enjoy optimal financial outcomes and a reduced staff burden.

Our patient access and RCM solutions—powered by AI, automation, and trained specialists—enable orthopedic offices and departments to convert patient care into the highest possible recoverable revenue. Given an industry-wide healthcare staffing shortage and payer reimbursements in flux, providers are finding support and opportunity in innovative technology solutions. Our solutions offer both deep financial insights and operational assistance.

Schedule a time to meet with us to gain insights on comprehensive or selective orthopedic solutions meant to tackle any patient access and revenue cycle challenges your organization may be facing.

  • Eligibility Verification
  • Benefits Check
  • Prior Authorization
  • Insurance Discovery
  • Patient Pay Estimation
  • A/R Recovery
  • Denials Management
  • Charge Capture Optimization
  • Revenue Insights
  • Coding Support

Our Latest News

Escalate Patient Volume and Slash Denials With Patient Access Plus

Too many orthopedic practices and groups are still treating patients before eligibility and benefits have been confirmed and prior authorizations approved.

Because orthopedic surgeons often don’t know what procedures are required until surgery is underway, they often end up working without authorization, as this case study explores. When prior authorization backlogs stall patient access, patients get frustrated and seek care elsewhere. Add these challenges to increasingly tight requirements from government entities and insurance companies and orthopedists face more obstacles to revenue capture than ever.

Only by leveraging artificial intelligence-powered technology plus patient access experts trained in orthopedics revenue workflows can today’s orthopedists speed and perfect insurance discovery, prior authorizations, patient pay estimates, and more tasks that get the schedule filled with financially-proven patients. The forever-free Clinical Guidelines Tool we’ve tailored for orthopedic practices not only frees your staff from tedious payer research, it demonstrates our dedication to the orthopedic specialty. Stop revenue leakage during patient access. Learn more from our team at booth #900 at the AAOE 2023 Annual Conference.

  • Prior Authorization
  • Eligibility Verifications & Benefits Checks
  • Patient Pay Estimates
  • Insurance Discovery
  • Patient Access Analytics
  • Referral & Document Capture
  • Prior Authorization Support For Referring Physicians
  • Clinical Guidelines Search Tool