Alleviating the Prior Authorization Burden in Sleep Medicine

The insurance payer industry is unrelenting when it comes to reducing or streamlining the prior authorization process and sleep medicine practices continue to struggle with the operational consequences.  Most sleep studies and tests, as well as many medications, require a prior authorization. Sleep medicine practices should consider an advanced automation solution that improves patients’ access to care and relieves providers’ frustration.

In this white paper, we explore:

  • Recent calls for foundational change to the overall system from healthcare associations and governmental entities that are so far ineffective
  • An alternative advanced prior authorization solution that uses automation and artificial intelligence to accelerate your approvals
  • Integrated technology that works with your existing EHR/EMR systems to create a seamless workflow
  • Tech-enabled support to master emergent or complex requirements
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Speed Up Prior Authorizations Using Automation and Artificial Intelligence

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