Like a whirlwind, COVID-19 seemed to appear out of nowhere and completely disrupted the healthcare community. With astounding speed, hospitals and healthcare workers rallied to absorb the influx of critically ill patients. At the same time, governmental agencies and private health insurers waived fees, changed care delivery models, and instituted new coding structures. Simultaneously, hospitals and providers quickly postponed non-emergent or elective tests and procedures.

As elective tests and procedures have been deferred, it has left many hospitals and practices working tirelessly to protect the financial health of their organization, and looking for ways to recover revenue rapidly. Find out how you can quickly collect on outstanding 3rd party aging receivables using artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities.

Learning Objectives

  • How AI and machine learning algorithms will help accelerate your revenue recovering, reducing revenue leakage, and eliminate write-offs
  • How leveraging deterministic rules can determine the next best actions to be taken on aging AR follow-up and management eliminating days, if not months to expedite recoupment
  • How to discover and validate available insurance coverage for patients, boosting timely collections, and reducing the burden on patients
  • How to automatically examine claims data and perform proprietary calculations without human intervention, providing valuable analytics and actionable insights