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The Patient Experience

Improve your patient experience with solutions designed to get you back to patient care and improve revenue.

The Patient Experience

Getting Back to Patients

Administrative paperwork can slow down medical practice efficiency and physician productivity significantly. More than 70% of physicians report spending one day or more every week on administrative tasks. The average physician will lose $83,000 per year in managing just prior authorizations. These administrative responsibilities restrict billable hours, contribute to physician and staff burnout, and keep doctors from doing what they love, which is spending quality time with patients.


Infinx is the healthcare company that preserves the revenue through the entire payment lifecycle by automating the critical workflows that keep you from patient care.

Infinx Patient Access Software
to Transform the Patient Experience

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Infinx’s Prior Authorization Software blends automation, integration, cognition, and control to offer you an optimized workflow for your entire
patient access process. It leverages our artificial intelligence (AI) and certified specialists who manage exceptions to provide a robust and
seamless solution for pre-registration issues. AI optimizes your workflow, giving you insight into status and activities. Cases needing more in-depth
attention are then forwarded to our global team of specialists who can process your prior authorization with speed and impeccable accuracypeccable accuracy.

With intuitive feature sets, our software is designed to bring you successful outcomes at each patient touch point: no auth decision engine, insurance verification and eligibility, patient pay estimate, prior authorization, referral management, propensity to pay, and optimized scheduling.

The Patient Access Journey

Insurance - Verification - and - Benefits - Infinx
Insurance Eligibility and Verification

Patient access begins with insurance eligibility. The quicker you can determine if a patient is eligible and has insurance, the sooner you can determine care.

Patient - Pay - Estimation - Infinx
Patient Pay Estimation

Patients need information to make good decisions about healthcare. Providing patients with immediate estimates gives the patient peace of mind about what he/she can afford.

No - Auth - Determination - Infinx
No Auth Determination

Waiting to see if a procedure requires a prior authorization can be incredibly frustrating. Determining in real-time if it’s necessary or not allows the patient to move forward as quickly as possible.

Prior - Authorization - Infinx
Prior Authorization

Patients needing critical medical care often require prior authorizations for those services. Getting an approval STAT means a patient can leave knowing when the next appointment is scheduled.

Referral Management

Seeing another doctor can feel uncomfortable for patients. Managing your referrals effectively means making sure your referring physician has all the critical information needed to provide services and to satisfy your patient’s concerns.

Optimized Scheduling

A critical part of the patient experience is scheduling. Knowing when a prior authorization is going to be complete, gives you the ability to schedule effectively, creating a happy patient.


Infinx is your partner in creating satisfied patients. We focus on the automation and expertise, while you focus on the patient’s experience.