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Data Designed To Optimize Revenue Cycle Workflows

With the rise in A/R and denials data combined with the constantly changing payer reimbursement requirements, it can be nearly impossible for healthcare finance executives to forecast reimbursements and champion an action plan for revenue cycle workflow improvements at their organization.

Advanced analytics are becoming increasingly critical for data-driven decisions and proactive planning in improving revenue cycle performance. Common analytic modules provide insights through standard reports and pre-defined static dashboards resulting in a underwhelming experience for finance leaders as there are no insights as to what will likely happen to their A/R and what actions or process improvements in specific revenue cycle workflows should take place to collect outstanding reimbursements, regardless of aging.

Revenue Insights Analytics, powered by AI

With our cloud-based, AI-powered revenue cycle analytics product, Revenue Insights, healthcare finance leaders are now equipped with charge and remit data that is transformed into predictive analytics and actionable intelligence that enables them to quickly digest key revenue cycle metrics to proactively take steps to reduce denials, decrease write-offs and achieve maximum revenue recovery.


Prioritize Work For Maximum Recovery

Standard business intelligence models and static dashboards do not capture the significance of factors driving revenue cycle KPIs.

Revenue Insights automatically examines claims data and performs proprietary calculations based on Infinx’s extensive patient access and revenue cycle knowledge and process database.

The results in our interactive dashboards assist revenue cycle teams determine which claims or denials to work on first by providing helpful insights like:

  • Payer balance vs. patient balance
  • How much of payer A/R was denied
  • Aging bucket segmentation with HFMA benchmarks 
  • Segmentation by payers, denials, denial codes and procedures 
  • Remittance denial rates 
  • Denials by date further segmented by adjustment reason denial code, procedures, facilities and insurance carriers 

Armed with this intelligence, revenue cycle teams can prioritize and route claims to appropriate team members with the right expertise to work the claim or denial.

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Transform Data To Reimbursements

Get visibility into payer collections and take advantage of transformed data to tackle payment shortfalls, prevent revenue leakage and locate new revenue opportunities. Our interactive dashboards display key collection data like like:

  • Collected amounts vs. contractual amounts by CPT/procedures
  • Collection performance by payer
  • Collection performance by facility

Revenue cycle managers can then implement quality and operational improvements to coding and billing workflows to increase reimbursements and prevent write-offs in affected areas.

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Quick Onboarding = Quick Results

Revenue Insights is platform agnostic, meaning it can pull from any EHR/EMR/PMS without complicated integrations. As a cloud-based solution with a monthly subscription, revenue cycle teams can quickly bring this tool into their reporting workflow.

Our team of specialists who have been helping clients with patient access and revenue cycle activities for years are available to work alongside you to get the data you need to achieve the results you are looking for.

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Easy-To-Create Reports For C-Suite

Most senior executives rely on spreadsheets, legacy data management tools, out-of-the-box BI tools and basic template reports to report on past revenue cycle performance for their monthly presentations.

They hit obstacles when trying to present a true picture of the clinical and financial data to report on the organization’s health, discover reimbursement trends and uncover operational insights to improve revenue cycle performance.

Revenue Insights helps prepare detailed financial packages that report retroactive performance with revenue cycle KPIs as compared to HFMA industry benchmarks, and a proactive strategic RCM optimization plan to make an impact for your next stakeholders meeting.

Our clients tell us these packages take days to build and our reports bring immediate value. They now have time to focus on what they were brought on to do.

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Client Results

60% reduction of >120 days aged A/R in 6 month

14% increase in net collection ratio

60% reduction in cost to collect

40% reduction in denial rates

64% decrease in denial and aging A/R write-offs

Client’s Improved Performance

“With [Revenue Insights], I feel right in the cockpit of my revenue cycle operations. I now have the all dials and levers I need to monitor and course-correct my RCM operations to improve reimbursements. I am not lost anymore on where to invest efforts, we have become highly efficient and our reaction time to identifying and actioning on opportunities have improved multi-fold.”

Senior Vice President
National Imaging Center Group

“The canned reports from our practice management software barely provides any analytics and insights on our operations. [Revenue Insights] exceeded our expectations in being able to combine both claims and financial data to provide a single comprehensive overview of our revenue cycle performance across payers, procedures, providers and more. The interface is highly addictive and my team uses it every day to find new opportunities to collect more and efficiently. The reimbursement uplift post using [Revenue Insights] speaks for itself.”

Chief Operating Officer
Cardiovascular Medical Group, Southwest U.S.


Uncover Insights & Increase

Learn more about how Revenue Insights analytics platform can empower your finance and revenue cycle teams to recover more revenue for your organization.

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