What is Complete Prior Authorization Coverage?

Our complete Prior Authorization Software automates and eliminates mundane administrative tasks, with exception handling by our prior authorization specialists, offering you complete coverage of your claims.

  • Accelerates the approval process
  • Streamlines your workflow
  • Increases revenue


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Our Promise

Improved Patient Scheduling

Let your patients know, in real-time, if a prior authorization is required.

Reduce The Back-and-Forth

Our prior authorization specialists work with insurance companies on your behalf for the claims our AI and automation cannot.

Automated Electronic Requests

Requests requiring a prior authorization are submitted electronically using a unified interface.

Enhanced Reporting

Obtain full transparency into your prior authorization workflow using real-time, robust analytics and status reporting to track every claim.

Prior Authorization Calculator

Prior Authorization Calculator

Use our simple calculator to determine how much you can save with our Prior Authorization Software.

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