Infinx Services, a leading provider of technology-enabled revenue cycle management solutions had recently signed a large contract on medical preauthorization service and proudly announces successful delivery of pre-authorization solutions to one of the largest radiology groups in the United States. By relieving client from the cumbersome administrative process of obtaining insurance authorizations for their patients, Infinx helped to expedite patient access to medication for all the services that need pre-authorizations from payers.

With its structured and proven transition methodology, Infinx ensured smooth execution of the project and is successfully processing 500 plus medical pre-authorization requests everyday for certain services such as CT, CTAs, MRIs/MRAs and cardiovascular system procedures.

After carefully analyzing process needs and understanding the challenges involved in managing the pre-auth process, Infinx solutions & technology team developed a workflow management tool ‘iBridge’. This pre-auth tool simplifies and standardizes end-to-end pre-authorization process management and is extremely useful for work-allocation, resource management, process tracking, queue management & reporting.

From onsite study and knowledge transfer to training and infrastructure set-up, Infinx created and devised an excellent workflow mechanism to meet customers’ expectations thus delivering outstanding results.

With extensive knowledge, experience and workflow management tools in Pre-Authorization, Infinx ensures 100 percentage of approval rates from payers, less escalations, minimum denials and shorter turnaround time on all pre-authorization requests.

“With years of experience serving the radiology market, Infinx brings tremendous knowledge, domain experience, consulting approach and right technology tools that help us differentiate ourselves and serve our customers better”, says, Hiren Kulkarni, CEO, Infinx Services. “With our technology led pre-auth solution our customer is able to provide optimum patient care by relying on us for all real-time pre-auth requests”, he adds.

The strong differentiator for Infinx is the expert oversight, technology driven insight, and subject matter expertise who work with its clients on transition, operational consulting & process efficiencies.With a growing reputation as a preferred healthcare partner delivering technology led healthcare revenue cycle solutions, Infinx looks forward to accelerate its growth & acquire a visible share in the Healthcare RCM market in the next 3 years.

About Infinx Services

Infinx is one of the leading Global Business Process Management & Technology Solutions Company providing an integrated portfolio of technology led solutions in areas of Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management to Radiology Groups, Medical Billing Companies, Clinics and Hospitals. Infinx focuses on delivering Analytics and BI tools for each process in RCM which help its clients manage their businesses efficiently.

Headquartered in San Jose, California with over 3000+ employees globally, Infinx focuses on delivery high quality healthcare & technology solutions to its clients across the globe.

With 12+ years of experience, Infinx combines Service Delivery Excellence, Subject Matter Expertise, Analytics and BI Tools to deliver high business value to the clients through its entire spectrum of services.