Infinx, one of the leading players in the Healthcare Revenue Cycle Industry this year, announces its strategic partnership with Canopy Partners, a leading healthcare management service organization (MSO) based in Greensboro, N.C., to provide ICD-10 coding solutions to the radiology market. This unique collaboration adds global talent, domain expertise and technology tools that will help the imaging industry overcome current coding challenges, thus delivering significant benefits.

This partnership will address specific market needs and solve critical issues faced by the radiology industry amidst the ICD-10 transition. By leveraging Infinx’s highly trained talent pool of certified offshore coders, the companies aim to significantly reduce the pressure that the radiology market faces with a shortage of skilled and trained resources. Offshore coders can deliver highly reliable and accurate results for a fraction of the costs of automated coding or traditional workforce labor.

Revolutionize Your ICD-10 Coding Solutions This 2018

Infinx and Canopy Partners have been successfully serving the industry for over a decade and together employ over 2000+ staff in the revenue cycle space. Working together, the two firms will provide turnkey ICD-10 coding solutions including coding audits, clinical documentation improvement program as well as on-site/off-shore assistance.

“Taking this partnership to the next level, our immediate plan is to hire more staff, train them, and provide them with all the necessary support and infrastructure to deliver and maintain high-quality coding services”, says Hiren Kulkarni, CEO, Infinx. “Some of our existing customers have observed zero denials after the ICD-10 transition”, he further adds.

This partnership will not only promote scalability but also will add process efficiency with a blend of technology ensuring sustainable value to the customers.

“We foresee big opportunity in areas of coding and want to be a leading coding service provider in the Radiology market by partnering with Infinx”, says Worth Saunders, CEO, Canopy Partners.

The goal of this strategic alliance is to capitalize the market with high quality turnkey solutions, address and resolve the coding challenges and minimize the burden faced by the radiology market today.

About Infinx Inc

Infinx is one of the leading global business process management and technology solutions companies providing an integrated portfolio of technology led revenue cycle solutions to radiology groups, medical billing companies, clinics and hospitals. Infinx focuses on delivering analytics and BI tools to its clients to help them manage their businesses efficiently.

Headquartered in San Jose, California with over 3000+ employees globally, Infinx focuses on delivering high quality healthcare and technology solutions to its clients across the globe.

With 12+ years of experience, Infinx combines service delivery excellence, subject matter expertise, analytics and BI Tools to deliver high business value to clients through its entire spectrum of services.

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About Canopy Partners

Canopy Partners is a privately held healthcare technology company that specializes in medical billing, business analytics, information technology, and management consulting services. Our passion is elevating the role of medical imaging in the healthcare value chain. We create flexible, customer-driven business solutions that improve our client’s productivity, profitability, and patient care. The company was recently named to the 2015 Inc. 5000 list of America’s fastest growing private companies.

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Media Contact: Varsha Pagare, AVP-Marketing, Infinx