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To Revolutionize Health Care Billing

Reduce days in A/R. Increase collections. Decrease denials. Improve process and management. Enhanced Revenue Solutions is your full-scale revenue cycle management team. We deliver customized solutions based on local and national codes that meed the unique needs of your practice.

Our physician liaisons are not glorified bill collectors; they’re caring, highly trained professionals tirelessly working to maximize your business revenue with integrity.

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Reduce days in A/R

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Increase collections

Improve processes

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Six Strategies To Overcome Revenue Loss From Bundled Codes In Cardiology

For any healthcare facility, medical coding can make or break reimbursement rates and overall revenue. For cardiology practices with highly complex procedures, inputting procedural terminology codes (CPT) correctly and ensuring proper medical documentation requires a high level of expertise and diligence. Frequent updates in coding standards, guidelines, and regulations require continuous education and adaptation by cardiology coding professionals.

Here are six tips to ensure maximum reimbursement for your practice.

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3 Ways to Automate Patient Access and Maximize Cardiology Reimbursement

Cardiology reimbursement is under the strain of a continually evolving and challenging healthcare industry, and strategies for the future should focus on automation, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and machine learning.

Specialists, including cardiologists, are feeling the pinch of value-based reimbursement changes and newly enacted regulations that place a more administrative burden on the individual provider or practice.

What can be done to alleviate some of this pressure and better position cardiology providers for the future?

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