Analyzing​ and ​Implementing RCM Ramp-Up for Local Radiology ​Group

By Infinx
October 2, 2017
12:13 am

Infinx partnered with one of America’s largest anatomic pathology laboratory companies, whose team of over 150 licensed physicians and 1,200 medical and lab personnel provides essential diagnostic, prognostic, and therapeutic information services to local healthcare providers across the country. From 28 regional locations, the company serves a wide span of medical specialties, including family practitioners, dermatologists, OB/GYN, gastroenterologists, urologists, general surgeons, oncologists, and over 65 community-based hospital systems.


At the outset of the migration to ICD-10 coding, the customer determined an outside contractor would be necessary to convert and refine their existing LIS library database, as well as provide continued coding services into the future to support the company’s projected growth.

After determining their existing internal resources were inadequate, due largely to a lack of ICD-10 training among
their existing in-house team, the company experimented with several turnkey ICD-10 conversion tools, with limited success. They determined that the sheer volume of code conversions, which were much more detailed than ICD-9, would be best served by a partner who specialized in the intricacies of advanced pathology and diagnostic codes.


The customer sought a coding partner to meet these specific needs:

  • Coding expertise with over 99% accuracy
  • Quantifiable productivity benchmarks
  • Internal audit and quality control
  • Robust reporting methodology and technology enablement
  • Benchmark cost efficiency


Lacking an overall game plan for the code conversion project, the client turned to Infinx for guidance, accepting a trial offer to re-code a portion of the company database. After a trial performance involving high speed and reliable accuracy, the client chose Infinx to convert their full database to over 10,000 precise ICD-10 codes. This initial success convinced the customer that Infinx was the perfect choice for their continued ICD-10 coding needs.


Building upon the favorable results of this initial ICD-10 pilot project, this nationwide healthcare lab now relies upon Infinx’s processes as the cornerstone of its coding operations, expanding our services into their surgical pathology and cytopathology specialities which includes:

  • Day-to-day coding
  • Regular coding audits
  • Coding denial management
  • Recommending continued documentation improvements

Infinx consistently meets SLA production levels while maintaining excellent quality standards, with accuracy rates
regularly exceeding 99%.

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Analyzing and implementing RCM ramp-up for local radiology group

Infinx’s innovative and scalable revenue cycle management (RCM) solutions mean no healthcare customer is too large—nor too small. One of our customers is a small community radiology provider, operating in five locations within one medium-sized city located in the Southwest.

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