2023 MidAtlantic Bones Annual Meeting

September 13 – 15, 2023
Grand Hotel & Spa
Ocean City, Maryland

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Meet Us At Our Booth

Every year, the MidAtlantic Bones Annual Meeting brings together hundreds of orthopedic executives to hear from thought leaders, network, and learn the latest trends and best practices across all orthopedic departments.

We’ll be meeting our clients and peers from September 13th-15th. If you are looking to streamline patient access and revenue cycle workflows for your orthopedic practices, schedule a meeting to learn how we can help.


Solutions Tailored For Orthopedic Practices

Our solutions are tailored to meet the unique needs of orthopedic providers. With our expertise in orthopedic patient access and revenue recovery, we support many practices in streamlining their patient access, coding and revenue recovery workflows.

Our solutions for orthopedic groups include:

  • Eligibility Verification
  • Benefits Check
  • Prior Authorization
  • Insurance Discovery
  • Patient Pay Estimation
  • A/R Recovery
  • Denials Management
  • Charge Capture Optimization
  • Revenue Insights
  • Coding Support
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Workforce Management Added To Patient Access Plus

Patient Access Plus helps our clients verify their patient’s insurance and benefits accurately at the plan and service level, as well as obtain faster prior authorization approvals, without the need for signing into various portals, by leveraging our proprietary AI, automation, payer and system integrations, optimized workflows, robust analytics and experienced specialists.

Our latest product update is the launch of our companion operations management system – Patient Access Plus Workforce Management (“Gen 2”) – which is a cloud-based, secure technology platform where clients can leverage their team and/or Infinx’s team to manage their patient access workflows.

The product has also been enhanced with more AI and automation, which includes:

  • more robust verification, enhanced benefits and “no authorization required” determination functionality,
  • automatic verification, initiation and follow-up in platform with the respective benefit managers or third-party administrators, and
  • seamless workflow orchestration between automation and teams, whether it be with the client’s teams, Infinx teams or both together.

Schedule a time to meet with us if you would like to learn more about our latest enhancement to our Patient Access Plus solution.


Streamlining Orthopedic Prior Authorizations

When an orthopedic practice’s experienced prior authorization specialist left, they leveraged Patient Access Plus to help work through the resulting backlog and stress. This led to quicker prior authorization approvals, higher accuracy, increased revenue, and a 90% reduction in workload, allowing the practice to efficiently serve patients again.

Read more about how we did it in this case study.

Chat with our team at our booth to learn how we helped other orthopedic practices just like this one.

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Learn How We Can Help Your Orthopedic Practice

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