Healthcare Revenue Cycle Optimized

Leverage automation and intelligence to overcome patient access and revenue cycle challenges and increase reimbursements for patient care delivered.

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Powered By Artificial & Human Intelligence

Despite progress AI and automation is making in automating patient access and revenue cycle processes, there still remains a need for staff with RCM, clinical and compliance expertise to ensure patients seen were financially cleared and services rendered are accurately billed and reimbursed.

We provide our clients with complete technology plus team coverage with deep knowledge of the complicated reimbursement landscape.

Billions Of Transactions Processed Annually

Our technology and team learn from billions of transactions processed for leading healthcare providers and 1100+ payers across the United States.


Facilities Served


Revenue Collected


Patients Served


Faster eligibility verifications, benefits checks and prior authorizations

Get quicker financial clearance for patients before care with our Patient Access Plus web portal that provides complete coverage for obtaining eligibility verifications, benefit checks and prior authorization approvals, all in one dashboard.

  • HL7/FHIR/API Integration
  • Robotic Process Automation
  • Workflow Management
  • Payer/Clearinghouse Integration
  • ML/AI Execution
  • Analytics Dashboard
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Increase clean claim submission and reduce coding-related denials

Convert patient care to maximum recoverable revenue by ensuring accurate claims are submitted the first time around leveraging automation, AI, certified coders, billing specialists and payer compliance experts.

  • Certified & Specialty Coders
  • Coding Acceleration Technology
  • HL7/FHIR/API Integration
  • ML/AI/NLP Execution
  • Workflow Management
  • Denial Analytics
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Optimize charge capture workflows

Convert patient care to maximum recoverable revenue by ensuring complete and accurate charge capture covers patient care delivered are submitted the first time around leveraging automation, AI, certified coders, billing specialists and payer compliance experts.

  • Charge Capture Technology
  • AI/ML/RPA Execution
  • HL7/FHIR/API Integration
  • Workflow Management
  • Denials Analytics
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Predict reimbursements and prioritize A/R followup

Maximize reimbursements from denied claims and reduce future denials with AI, automation, intelligent workflow management, predictive analytics and billing specialists.

  • AI/ML Execution
  • Automation/RPA Execution
  • Advanced Predictive Analytics
  • HL7/FHIR/API Integration
  • Payer/Clearinghouse Integration
  • Workflow Management
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Extensive Experience With Most Systems

We are able to integrate with most electronic health, medical records and practice management systems with APIs, HL7, FHIR, X12 and EMR Developer Programs.

Recognized As A Trusted Automation Partner

We have been recognized by Gartner and Black Book Research as a vendor who can help providers and payers automate their patient access and revenue cycle workflows.

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Technology Adoption In Healthcare Is Challenging

While artificial intelligence, machine learning and robotic process automation in other industries have been widely implemented, the healthcare industry as a whole has been slow to adopt these innovative technologies to make revenue cycle management more efficient due to non-standard processes and legacy systems.

We’d Like To Help Change That

Our mission is to automate and make patient access and revenue cycle workflows more intelligent where possible so that our client providers and staff can focus on high-value work like growing their business and keeping their patients healthy and happy.

How We Help Overcome Revenue Cycle Challenges

By offering a complete and scalable solution of technology plus experts, we are able to increase eligibility verifications, benefit checks, prior authorization approvals, coding accuracy, accurate charges and reimbursements, as well as reduce claim denials, thereby significantly improving our clients’ bottom line.

Healthcare Specialties We Serve

Given our years of experience, we have helped many specialty hospitals, ASCs and physician groups streamline their patient access and revenue cycle workflows. Even if you don’t see your specialty below, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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We Love Helping Our Clients Optimize Their Reimbursement Workflow

Find More Time For High-Value Patient Care

With our complete tech + specialists solution, our client providers have been able to focus more on patient care.

30% Reduction in 120+ days aged A/R inventory.

20% Improvement in utilization due to real time authorization determination.

20% Average reduction in
days in A/R.

98+% Coding accuracy leading to reduced denials and timely collections.

60% Reduction in cost to collect.

14% Increase in net
collection ratio (NCR).

Patient satisfaction, priceless


Learn How We Can Help Increase Reimbursements For Your Organization

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