Three Things Most Pharmacies Know They Should Be Doing Better – But Aren’t

By Infinx
March 6, 2017

On the heels of our successful appearance at last month’s Integra Conference, the next stop on our 2017 event calendar is another popular annual forum for the pharmacy industry – the MHA Business Summit, March 29-31 at Bellagio in Las Vegas.

As we chatted with LTC pharmacy representatives at Integra, one of our takeaways was how so many emphasize their day-to-day bottom-line operations while admitting other important duties often get shifted to the back burner. This almost always results from a lack of time and in-house manpower. We estimate over half of LTC pharmacies realize their essential administrative tasks aren’t as efficient as they should be.

Let’s look at three specific areas where most pharmacies are falling short:

  1. Refill Authorization Follow-up 
    Most long-term prescription cycles span 12 months before they automatically expire. For treatment of ongoing issues – such as controlling high blood pressure – pharmacies usually receive refill renewals via automatically-generated faxes. Yet most turnkey fax software products simply have inadequate interface with pharmacies’ document management operations – literally apples communicating with oranges – leaving too many refills falling through the cracks.

    Where can pharmacies find the additional cost-effective resources to properly manage their refill authorizations? Infinx manually organizes patient records, following-up on faxes on a daily basis. This means a seamless transition from one prescription cycle to the next – ensuring the patient never runs out of vital meds. 

  2. Emergency Dispensing Charges
    Most large nursing homes contain virtual “mini-hospitals”, with as many as 100 emergency prescription drugs on stand-by – pain meds, antibiotics, IV drugs and more. Their nurses need instant access to these crucial medications whenever necessary – when a patient can’t wait hours for a new prescription to be delivered.

    By law, those medications must be retroactively documented and accounted for after they’re dispensed in an emergency. But so many busy nursing home pharmacies regularly fall behind, letting their recordkeeping lag in limbo – for as long as 90 days or more.

    How can pharmacies keep on top of their lapsed dispensing records, before the backlog becomes overwhelming? Infinx data entry specialists pick up the slack, ensuring your pharmacy’s records are kept current and compliant.

  3. DMS Clean-up
    Even the most advanced document management system (DMS) still requires quite a bit of human oversight. One single prescription should include links to all original, reorder and delivery documentation – as many as 20 separate links per order, depending on medication and patient history. The only way to assure “clean” document management is to chronologically review every order for accuracy – before auditors do the same thing, combing through documentation records on the hunt for errors. 

    Manually double-checking a DMS is highly time-intensive – and many LTC pharmacies simply can’t spare enough resources. This is why we’ve developed our pharmacy solutions around fast, comprehensive documentation review, across all leading DMS platforms. This enables our pharmacy customers to breeze through third-party audits by having all required documents instantly accessible. 

Meet Us at MHA in Las Vegas
 If you’re planning to attend MHA, we encourage you to spend some time thinking about where your LTC pharmacy operations may be falling short before the show.  We invite you to stop by our Booth #109 at Bellagio with your list, or reserve a time to chat  to explore how we can help fix the issues you may be facing and scale your pharmacy business. In the meantime, feel free to learn more about our pharmacy management solutions at

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