We believe in customer success. A satisfied customer is the hallmark of our company. Hear what some of them have to say about Infinx.

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“Since adopting Infinx’s platform, we’ve seen a 90% decrease in workload on our team, and a 2% denial rate. We’re actually spending a lot more time with patients.”
Patient Access Director
Radiology Group in Florida
“I oversee coding, billing, and other functions. Working with Infinx, we have been able to maintain our costs while getting resources quickly. Infinx staff are trained and experienced and work well with our staff. They have become our RCM partner.”
HIMS Director
Hospital in Texas
“Infinx implemented a running report that allowed us to improve retro-billing for high-priority prescriptions and other patient needs. Previously we were losing out on much of that revenue.”
Medical Billing Director
Hospital in Kansas
“Our 60- and 90-day inventory decreased by 38% and 22%, respectively. Those are some eye-opening results.”
VP of Revenue
Hospital in Texas
“Infinx configured their platform to interface with our EHR, Epic. They set up business rules, flags, and relevant data transmission conditions, developing a list of over 100 possible scenarios, each of which was tested during a week-long exercise. This identified a number of ambiguous triggers and fine-tuned them for a smooth transition.”
Hospital in Florida
“Infinx has been a great asset to our pharmacy operations. The operators are well-trained, devoted to learning and care as if they were sitting right in our pharmacy. We are 100% satisfied with the route we took.”
Pharmacy Director
Pharmacy in Colorado
“Working with iBridge has helped our team improve quality and become more efficient. And their auditing services, reporting, and training have given us the quality control to improve our operations.”
RCM Director
Laboratory in Minnesota
“We brought Infinx on-board to handle our ICD-10 conversion. Their coding knowledge helped improve our claims and reduce denials by 32%, so we contracted with them for full coding and billing services, too.”
Clinic in New York
“Before Infinx, we had inconsistent preauthorization turnaround times and approval rates. Now we see overall approval rates regularly above 99%.”
Director of Patient Access
Radiology Group in New Jersey