Q1 Northeast Healthcare Finance & Revenue Cycle Management Forum

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Q1 is hosting their quarterly forum for healthcare revenue cycle and finance executives to learn about industry best practices in financial and revenue cycle management such as finding accurate patient estimates to comply with the No Surprise Act, educating front-end staff through data to reduce denials will be discussed. This is also a great time to network with peers and find the right solutions for your organization.

We are excited to attend with our Ni2 division and share our end-to-end expertise for maximizing reimbursements by optimizing all aspects of the revenue cycle from prior authorizations to charge entry and A/R recovery .

Schedule a time to meet with us so that we can empower your healthcare organization to reach your financial goals and best serve your patients.

  • Patient Pay Estimation
  • Prior Authorization
  • Insurance Discovery
  • Revenue Cycle Analytics
  • Medical Coding
  • Payment Posting
  • A/R and Denial Management


Uncover Missing Reimbursed Services With Charge Capture Optimization

Our extensive charge capture experience found an average 6-15% of hospital outpatient bills are missing reimbursable services.

Leverage artificial intelligence-powered technology plus charge audit experts to review every identified possible missed charge so your team can rebill to get reimbursed for missing services or prevent revenue leakage in the future. We can end your missed revenue problem in 60 days, even without your RCM team’s attention to make sure we can get what we need. Set up a meeting with us to discuss where

  • Fix root cause issues
  • CDM cleanup
  • RCM optimization
  • EHR agnostic
  • Coding optimization
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