The Primary Rule of Radiology: Idle Equipment Never Makes Money

By Infinx
April 17, 2017

The Infinx team is excited about the next stop on our 2017 events calendar, the annual RBMA PaRADigm conference in Chicago, April 23-26.  Generally considered the premier showcase for the radiology community, RBMA has always presented an exceptional opportunity to share our RCM solutions with prospective radiology customers from across the United States.

Our conversations at RBMA and other radiology trade shows reveal that radiology groups in particular are clamoring for any innovative solution for strengthening and streamlining their RCM operations. Why? Probably because more than any other medical specialty, radiology practices are dependent on use and timely upkeep (including training costs for staff) of high-end, state-of-the-art imaging equipment – their primary capital expenditure, or “cap ex”.

Whether this equipment is purchased outright or leased from an outside vendor via a long-term contract, recouping this staggering investment – to achieve higher net profits ASAP – means radiology practices of all sizes must ensure that every possible patient appointment is filled every day. In other words, radiology hardware only makes money when it’s in use. Any gaps in the daily schedule instantly become lost revenue. And, sooner or later, those nagging shortfalls translate into higher patient costs.

Closing The Gap

Infinx partners with radiology groups to close this “time/revenue gap”, providing technology-led solutions which enable them to achieve optimum daily use of their capital equipment.

Our advanced preauthorization solutions work directly with insurance payors to minimize costly payment delays or denials. Our goal is to turnaround most claims within 24 hours – with  top-priority STAT claims approved within 20 minutes or less. And our insightful data analytics help radiology practices get even better.

Unveiled: The New iBridge

Our booth at RBMA will also feature an advance preview with live demo of the newest enhancements to iBridge, our cloud-based patient access automated workflow software. RBMA attendees will be the first to see our improved dashboard interface, queuing all open patient statuses in real time. iBridge delivers a one-stop portal for insurance verification and preauthorizations, along with convenient post-visit patient pay estimates, to reduce the likelihood of costly patient defaults.

Meet Us at RMBA

If you’re planning to visit Chicago to attend RBMA, we invite you to reserve a one-on-one appointment with the Infinx team or be sure to stop by and see us at Booth #315.

If you can’t make the show, learn more about Infinx radiology RCM solutions.

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