MedAxiom CV Transforum
Fall 2022

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Join Your Peers at MedAxiom CV Transforum Fall 2022

CV Transforum is a unique event that connects cardiovascular thought leaders across the country to connect, learn, and transform the future of cardiovascular care. This year’s speakers and breakout sessions will foster collaborative opportunities to improve your practice’s cardiovascular care and impact the specialty as a whole.

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Meet Our Team

Stop by our booth to find out how our latest AI and robotic process automation (RPA)-powered patient access and revenue cycle technology helps cardiovascular groups achieve maximum revenue recovery.

Currently, nearly every cardiovascular practice faces patient access challenges. Most services require prior authorization, a step that causes significant administrative burdens on already understaffed practices.

Learn how robust prior authorization services reduce patient access workloads by 70% using a combination of automation and knowledgeable human expertise. Our specialists stay informed of shifting payer guidelines and ensure quick deadlines are met.

Prior authorizations aren’t the only challenge facing cardiovascular practices, however. Missed service charges and coding errors also diminish revenues. When you utilize charge capture, billing, and medical coding services, you get the revenues you deserve on the first submission, and drop your denials rate.

Accounts sitting in 90-day buckets? You don’t have to accept hefty write-offs as an expected cost of doing business. When you unleash AI, automation, and certified accounts specialists on this revenue, your collections rise month after month.

Learn how our technology helps healthcare organizations:

  • Lower denials
  • Improve reimbursement
  • Gain financial insight
  • Lower cost to collect
  • Eliminate manual processes

Schedule a demo or swing by our booth to discuss your revenue recovery and patient access challenges. You don’t have to face these challenges alone.

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We Help Cardiovascular Practices
Improve Their Financial Health

Our AI-powered patient access and revenue recovery solutions help providers preserve and capture more revenue. With a constantly changing reimbursement landscape, it’s not uncommon for providers to feel their payment lifecycle is out of control. Our solutions give you the financial insight and operational support needed to be proactive in improving the financial health of your organization by solving challenges at all stages of the revenue cycle.

At CV Transforum, you’ll have the opportunity to learn how our AI-powered Patient Access and Revenue Recovery solutions help cardiovascular organizations reach their financial goals.

Patient Access:

  • Prior Authorizations
  • Patient Financial Verification
  • Clinical Decision Support Mechanism (CMS-approved vendor)

Revenue Recovery:

  • A/R Recovery
  • Revenue Insights
  • Insurance Discovery for capturing undisclosed insurance coverage

We look forward to hearing about your current challenges!

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Our Satisfied Clients

We love helping our clients optimize their reimbursement workflow.

Millions Of Transactions Processed Annually

Our cutting-edge machine learning technology and certified specialists learn from millions of transactions processed for leading healthcare providers and 1000+ payers across the United States.

3.5+ Million

Prior Authorizations Processed

$2 Billion+

Revenue Collected


Patients Served


Learn How We Can Help Maximize Revenue For Your Organization

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