Is Your LTC Pharmacy Ready for Your Next Big Customer?

By Infinx
February 2, 2017

Our 2017 event calendar kicks off with our appearance at a noteworthy event for the pharmacy community: the 10th annual Integra Conference, February 14-16 in New Orleans.

We’re particularly looking forward to sharing our solutions with large-scale LTC pharmacies. Whenever we meet their representatives, it’s clear to us that most struggle with the same common challenge: every new customer account they bring on – for example, a chain of nursing homes with as many as 10,000 beds – represents a huge chunk of new work – as much a 40 percent jump in their total business. This invariably brings a new batch of “growing pains” – quickly allocating the extra resources to update their databases with new patient demographics, billing information and orders in time to “go live”.

Filling the ‘Staffing Gap’

When a high-volume pharmacy lands that crucial new business, their manpower requirements literally skyrocket overnight.  For a pharmacy that was “right-sized” yesterday, that sudden influx of business operations means their existing teams are left to immediately scramble to pick up the slack – meaning plenty of additional stress (and mistakes?) along with hours upon hours of costly overtime.

Scaling up operations with more full-time or temporary in-house employees – interviewing and hiring, adding payroll, expanding onsite workspace and even finding extra parking spaces – is always a major hassle. What’s the solution?

The Right Partner at the Right Time

Infinx gives LTC pharmacies the flexibility they need to quickly and easily accommodate any expansion of customer volume. Our team of 300+ experienced operators – trained and overseen by U.S. licensed pharmacists – are ready to provide critical onboarding support across the board, from meticulously updating data (via all standard pharmacy information systems, including Framework, QS/1, HBS, CIPS and Helix), to ensuring a seamless transition for processing every refill and new prescription, backed by rigorous internal audits.  And after the “crunch time” of a new customer ramp-up has passed, our team is ready to continue delivering supplemental support as needed – making sure our customers are ready to likewise successfully accommodate the next new business that comes along.

Talk with Us at the Integra Conference

If you’re planning to attend this upcoming event in New Orleans, we’d look forward to meeting you to further discussing Infinx solutions for your high-volume LTC pharmacy. Reserve your time for a one-on-one visit with the Infinx team at, or stop by Booth #303 at the Sheraton New Orleans. In the meantime, learn more about our pharmacy management solutions.

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