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The iBridge Platform

A seamless and scalable platform for
patient access and revenue cycle

ibridge platform

The Next Generation

At Infinx, our vision was to build the next generation revenue cycle platform that provides a seamless extension of provider EMR and billing systems, machine intelligence for actionable insights into decision-making, and advanced robotic automation to achieve integration with complex payor systems. With iBridge, we’ve delivered on that vision, allowing you to capture more revenue.

Seamless and Scalable

With iBridge, you now have a seamless and scalable platform for patient access and revenue cycle management. You get single-screen visibility with predicitive and consistent process outcomes. iBridge Platform includes modules for referral management, insurance verification, patient pay estimation, propensity to pay, optimized scheduling, prior authorization, and aging accounts receivables.


Painless Integration

Integrates with all leading EHR/EMR and PMS systems for a near touchless experience.


Touchless Automation

Automate every aspect of your patient access process using RPA, AI, and EDI for near touchless automation.


Powerful Cognition

Leverage deep machine learning and data science to create a powerful decision engine in real time.


Unparalleled Control

Access operational analytics and real-time status reporting to track every case that needs your attention.

Automate Your Payment Lifecycle

At Infinx, we designed and built our RCM products to deliver advanced, real-time solutions that integrate machine intelligence with human cognition to radically improve your patient access and revenue cycle management process. Our system integrates with all payors and EHR systems, automates necessary functions, and provides powerful insight into an analysis of your entire RCM process.

iBridge blends the best of human and machine intelligence to deliver unparalleled quality and value to patient access, prior authorization, billing, coding, denials management, accounts receivable, and collections. It forms a seamless bridge


between provider and payor systems and processes to create enhanced efficiency and speed turnaround times for approvals.

Our platform enables us to deliver next-generation RCM business process as a service (BPaaS) products that combine our deep domain expertise with advanced automation and embedded artificial intelligence. Our solution is cloud-based to provide our customers with state-of-the-art flexibility, agility, and value in their RCM process.


HIPAA Compliant and Secure Data Architecture

Infinx products are designed with compliance in mind and built from the ground up to be fully HIPAA compliant. With our cloud data storage and electronic document interfaces, you have access to your secure data across RCM and EHR platforms. Your data and PHI are always secure, embedded in layers of security: EDI-compliant solution stores your data on Amazon cloud, using standard 64-bit encryption or 256-bit encryption.

Modules include:

No Auth
Decision Engine

Determining if a case requires a prior authorization shouldn’t be hard. That’s why we’ve created our No Auth Decision Engine to give you immediate insight if a case needs a prior authorization, before spending the time to call a payer. This process can cut as much as 30% of your workload just by reaching a decision ahead of time.

Prior Authorization

Our automated prior authorization module leverages machine learning and subject matter experts to enable fast turnarnd times on critical prior
authorization, and up to a 99% approval on medically necessary cases. You’ll avoid costly prior authorization and claim denials down the line.


Insurance Eligibility
and Verification

Our automated, real-time electronic insurance eligibility and benefits verification module conducts insurance verifications, eligibility, and benefits checks in seconds for all your incoming patients, and connects to thousands of payors nationwide.


Patient Pay Estimation

Our patient pay estimation module will provide accurate patient responsibility estimations in real time. This allows you to inform and educate each patient about their financial responsibility and capture more revenue.


Referral Management

Infinx Prior Authorization Software will include a robust, web-based, multi-channel referral management system that integrates seamlessly with all your referring physicians, allowing you to send or receive referrals and clinical documentation easily and securely.


Propensity to Pay

Our propensity to pay module leverages our machine learning and our AI capabilities to analyze a patient’s ability to pay to determine a propensity to pay score. Propensity to pay allows providers to prioritize their collections time and energy.


Optimized Scheduling

Our scheduling recommendations module uses machine learning to accurately estimate the turnaround time (TAT) you need to complete all relevant patient access processes and delivers all pertinent information directly to your calendar.


Aged Accounts

With A/R Assist, our accounts receivables module, we analyze your existing aging accounts with our proprietary recovery prediction algorithms. Infinx uses AI to analyze your Aged A/R health and give you a clear picture of what account receivables can be captured.


Doctors spend on average 20 hours a week and $83,000 per year, per doctor, managing preauthorizations. Infinx changes that with our iBridge Platform. Practices, hospitals, and imaging centers can automate their workflow, eliminating appointment cancellations and insurance denials.

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